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I inhale the strong salty spray of the sea as the choppy waves crash against the jagged white cliffs miles below me. The spray knocks back my shaggy black hair as I inhale , clearing my head of what just happened.I always like being by the sea. I have roused the sea simply for the spray and now seeking peace I wave my hands and almost instantly the waves below me crash into themselves as the raging ocean turns into a calm harbour.

I smile to myself, I can control large areas of water and I'm getting better at it every day, Dad says I'll make a great ruler If I can control large areas of water, it's just the other elements I have to worry about. Lamenting on that fact I gaze at the Never-ending sea, behind this conintent the water stretches onto the edge of the world and falls into oblivion.

"It was us controllers of water..." I remember my mother telling me as she tucked me into bed "That diverged the course of the sea and joined the ten islands that would make the Tiose we lived in today" she said kindly

"I thought the earth-controllers made Tiose" I remember asking curiously.

"They moved the land my child, but we moved the sea as much as they moved the land and remember this, Water always erodes Earth no matter how long it takes so despite what anyone says those that control water should have no shame in their power" she would kiss my forehead after such stories.

Mother died at the End of the EndWar I was four and her death impacted me horribly. My dad's a great guy and a capable leader, he still is but after mum died he was never the same. His laughs today are forced, he spends almost everyday brooding on his lost love. The servants in this castle tell me that the two of them were "the happiest most lovely couple to ever have graced Tiose".  So my Dad is quite sad (to be basic about it).

But the way she died was worse, murdered with her mouth gagged and hands tied together, (so she couldn't control the water) whoever "they" were they pushed my mother into the never-ending ocean and she suffered the humiliating death of drowning. "Who'd thought a Water-Controller could drown" commoners would joke before either me or father shut them up for good. No one insulted mother.

What affects me and father so badly is the lack of answers to as why she murdered. She was a graceful woman adored by the commoners. Who would murder her and why? We need closure me and Dad, to move on because whenever I try and empty my thoughts (like now) It always swifts back to seeing the body of my deceased mother after she was found in the ocean. (She went missing, Dad searched tirelessly for her by moving the oceans he finally found her, cold, stale, hollow and blue in colour) 

I try and drag myself back into present as I gaze down the castle. A majestic thing on the coast, made of shining white and crafted pale blue marble, I love this place and it's homely feel, but in a few weeks time me and Fludread are off to the capital to (maybe) inherit the throne from old Eadred. It would be nice to be king but so many other children of the 10 kingdoms will be there too...

I sigh and look downwards when a door opens behind me.

"I thought I would find you hear dear brother" My younger brother Fludread says in a smooth yet slow tone. I turn to face him, He stands there draped entirely in his robes of rich deep dark blue, his brown hair is perched lazily on his forehead as he stares at me with those blank grey eyes of his.  

"I was thinking about Mother" I say just as regally, Fludread was barely a month when mother died so he isn't affected by her death like I and father are and when I'm off with my friends hunting or flirting with the women in court and when Father is "unfit" for matters. Fludread takes it upon himself to rule in our stead.

"How did it go?" I ask, indicating the meeting I just left (well fled).

"It's going well brother, The Dontelies are offering you ten mermaids they found in the harbour for your services to them and those commonfolk you were gave money too sing your name every year come this day. Whereas I am also doing fairly well as The Hamptons and Old Priests have awarded me a giant squid as a pet" 

I chortle upon hearing this "You'll get that squid to the capital just fine then" I joke.

"Hardly" he smiles back. "Anyway I expected to find you fondling mermaids of the harbour, so you're simple grieving process is a surprise to me" he says as he leans against the marble railings, his arms protruding from inside his robes as they lean against the railings.

I smile heartily at his comment "There is nothing between a mermaid's legs to grant me such pleasure, I prefer to fuck girls I like" I say, at eighteen years of age I like my woman and my drink on occasions. My open nature towards people and apparent charitable nature means I can't walk anywhere without Men praising my name. Or woman blushing as I pass.

I know they all love and admire me, deep down I wallow in my own admiration on the surface however I maintain my humility. "I would keep to a single wife alone" Fludread responds to my comment as he gazes out to the blue abyss I clasp his back and tut "Flu my man I'm going to Dread it when you grow up all honourable" I say.

"I am nearly a man grown" He protests, I'll admit fourteen is border-lining adulthood. But still... "Once you are a fully fledged man Fludread you will have needs, but let me advise you. If you're going to "do it" with a multiple mistress I'd "Do it" with a woman you'd really love, because "doing the deed" with a woman not out of love but ambition will be a pain rather than a pleasure"

"You speak if as if you are a wise King of eighty, yet are eighteen and I count your conquests on both my hands" Fludread argues.

"Each woman is different" I muse.

"Well I Tire of this talk" he says.

We play on both of our name's to create banter whenever the time arises we've been doing it for as long as we can remember, I have a strong bond with my younger brother, but damn at times he can be an uptight asshole. Then again I suppose he sees me as a lazy slacker at times as well.

After a short silence, Fludread finally asks the question.

"Have you sorted it out yet?"

I made a charitable donation to our farmers, only after I announced it that the master of the coin in our castle pull me to the side and tell me although my intentions were good I have dished out far too much money that could be afforded by the royal family of the water kingdom. He placed a list in my hand and told me to lower the donation to an affordable price.

I store at the list. The farmers were awaiting a response.

"Excuse me, Good folks but I need a minute on to clear my senses" I remember muttering before practically sprinting to the door, Fludread knows why but no one else does. As he stares at me coldly I pull out the crumpled list "Help me!" I plead with him.

"It is simple maths brother"

"I can't do it! You know I can't..." I gasp, after my words he snatches the list from me and stares at it, "Well I looked at it and I tried figuring it out! But I couldn't read the words at the top either...! I rabble on before he stops me.

"You donated 400 Fels brother, At the most you can donate 390 without stretching our bank" he states simply "So how much do I have to take off?" I ask generally confused.

"Ten" he answers simply.


"Oh" I mutter embarrassed as I feel myself turn red, "You should tell father about your... limitation" Fludread mutters as I take back the list. "I don't want to disappoint him Fludread, I'm the heir could you imagine how much of a laughing stock I'd be If people knew I couldn't count to ten or read a single word..." 

All of it's true unfortunately, Royals are meant to be educated but after mother died, father (along with many others) focused on preparing me to be a king. Training me in hunting and ruling, they educated me but not as much as was natural. Even so I should know how to count to ten... but, I just can't.

My quill freezes in my hand as I rack my brains for letters for words I don't understand and then how to spell them requires more letters in the right order. Then I have to count money and fulfill demands. I usually try to avoid paperwork and it usually works but sometimes I get caught and Fludread helps.

"I'm not going to be here forever" Fludread tells me as we make our way back to the farmers.

I want to cry in shame, everyone assumes I'm the perfect King. Athletic, kind and graceful yet my greatest flaw lies in my logic and I don't have an ounce of it, all I can do is be nice to people and move water.

"All Perfect Men are an illusion my child, even the greatest kings have had flaws" My mother once told me, "Yet those with a pretty face always seem to be perfect in the history books, but alas a pretty face doesn't make you perfect" she continued.

"Why not?" I asked in awe.

"Because there is no such thing as a perfect human"  she replied.

As I found out through life. 

The End

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