In The Ashes Of HonourMature


"...and once a new ruler has been crowned, peace shall be restored to the ten kingdoms of Tiose, Eadred the 35th of his name,  is an old, feeble man with no children henceforth..."

"BAW-RING!" Ashom screams from next to me, before anyone can so much as so stop him. My younger brother shoots a stream of white hot flames from his palms, the flames engulf the stooped old man in front our thrones and set his patched brown robes alight, he lets out a series of croaked screams, withering on the floor as the fire engulfs him.  

"AH! MY LORD, MY LORDS I BEG FOR MER-CCCEEEE..." This is followed by a shrill scream as he chokes on his own superheated blood. I remain passive, hoping father can't see the discomfort in my eyes. He has seen it before and punished me for it, I cannot allow it to happen again, I need to have the composure of a leader.

For the next couple of minutes we have to watch this pitiful old fool burn like dried coal, in fact he takes so long that Ashom fires another gulf of flame just to quicken the process. "HURRY UP AND DIE!" He commands shrilly.

The old man obeys the command, going still as the fire's flicker and scold his body down to the bones. I hear Father make a dissatisfied grunt as he stands up, his palm cuts through the warm air, and instantly the flames still burning on the dead man flicker out of existence, whatever remains of his clothes falls off him in crisps, and I am left looking at a smoking piece of human coal, blackened and wrinkled and naked in front of me. 

The sickly scent of burnt bloody flesh would make a commoner recoil and retch, but I've grown so used to human flesh melting into intoxicating foul fumes that I've almost grown immune to the stench that reaches my nostrils. (Almost) my nose still crinkles slightly as the grey wavy fumes rising from his body infect my sense of smell. 

"Ashom, he was just a messenger from the capital!" My father roars at my brother.

We are seated on our raised thrones in the greatest hall of our castle, behind me the stained glassed windows are decorated lavish shades of red and orange depicting the great achievements of my ancestors, along with portraits of the greatest of the fire controllers to have ever lived.

"HE WAS BORING DAD! AND I WANT TO BE THE KING! SO I'LL DO WHAT I WANT!" Ashom roars breaking my train of thought as I stare at the smoking corpse. "Just shut up" I think in my head rolling my eyes towards my younger brother.

"Next time" My father says dangerously before his face softens... 

"Tell me when you're going to do that, it would help me clean it up faster" 

Ashom smiles as he sits as smug as cat on his oversized throne, my 12 year old brother is a psychopath, it's a good thing I can control fire or else I'd be dead a hundred times over due to him burning everything and everyone that didn't meet his fancy. Dad thinks his a robust boy and that he'll be a great leader one day. I'd say the day he becomes ruler is the day Tiose burns to the ground. 

"Clean up this mess!" My father roars to the waiting servants they obey him instantly. I admit it (In my head of course) my big belled father is a lustful, insane tyrant. His son Ashom takes after him. Mother is no where to be seen, but she is merely father's sex toy anyhow. 

A long line of people have awaited to see us, seeing (in a few weeks) the four children of the King are being sent to capital, Old ruler Eadred has no children.

"Henceforth it's up to you heroic children of the realm to master the ten elements and save the kingdom from destruction". Eadred's words exactly. Even my head they make me laugh, he clearly hasn't met Ashom yet, or any of my dysfunctional family.

"AH!" My father booms, "I see the commonfolk send their graces to us" he says. I look upwards to see a horde of beautiful naked women smiling shyly at us four male figures on our thrones. "We are your's from this day forward, as a sign of goodwill from the common-people" one big breasted raven haired beauty announces. 

At this point my brother Bertnie seemingly jolts upwards on his throne. Typical the obese, ugly fuck will only wake from his slumber for two things. Women and Alcohol, he actually drools (dear God I want to facepalm myself right now) and points a flabby finger at the beauty who spoke "I WANT ER! I WANT ER!" He bellows like a troll of old.

"Your wish is my command your lord" she says smiling, how she does I have no idea. My nasal passages have long adapted to the smell of charred corpses but not of my repulsive brother, as he raises his arm to embrace her, my eyes quench closed in disgust as I nearly retch out my breakfast. 

"Typical, so the commoners give us sex as a reward" of course this will only please Father and Bertnie. All they really need to impress really, "Ah a woman is only good for fucking!" My father laughs as he embraces 5 or 6 of the common whores around him. How my eldest sister Firerona sits there stiffly taking all this crap is beyond me. She obviously disagrees with father's views on a woman.

How do I know that? Well, one she's as ugly as buck toothed horse so she's had no success with men. And two despite this she is a fierce fighter whose lead more soldiers into battle than all us male siblings combined. She breaks gender roles and has fought a hell of a lot of battles for us of the fire kingdom.

Yet now, she has to sit and bear the greatest pain in the ass.

Bertnie is picking out whores like their his latest round of pudding (which they are to him) Ashom's too young for this (he'd probably burn them anyway) and last time I checked Firerona wasn't a lesbian. Yet here I am at seventeen and even I'll admit I'm better looking than the rest of my siblings with golden hair and green eyes.

One redhead girl seems to agree with my thought as she approaches me.

"What about you pretty boy, do you require any... services" she smiles at this raising a suggestive eyebrow.

"No, I'm fine" I say curtly.

The whore pulls a sad face and says "Are you sure..."

"Yes I'm sure" I state coldly.

The redhead leaves me to join the gang around my brother, I suppose due to my stubborn nature and hot head and actions like that, I'm labelled Flarnk The Fickle, Flarnk the Faggot, Flarnk The Fucker and whatever else, half the kingdom think I'm homosexual, the other half simply hate my sullen nature. Whatever the case I don't accept whores or act jolly because...

My family are insane and I don't want to be like them in any shape or form. Because of... well I'll say because of "bad past experiences", I don't really trust anyone but myself. Add that to the fact I'm focused on being a good ruler and not wasting my time with whoring or drinking myself to death (like Bertnie)

The whores are eventually sent away, ready for "further use" seriously their people not objects. The way of the world makes me sick sometimes, yet I have to act as cold and regal as I can if I have any chance of surviving in it.  

The next man (another old guy) presents us with a crate "For my young Lords, Flarnk and Ashom" he states in a low voice, I look on curious as he opens the crate slowly I hear a hissing from inside "To show our goodwill from the priests of old, we have granted you both..." the crate is opened. 

I see two winged lizards inside of the crate.

"Dragons" Firerona says curtly from where she leans in to see what's inside. 

"OH COOL! MY DRAGON BETTER BE GOOD!" Ashom springing off his oversized throne and reaching the crate. Dragons are creatures of old, a fire controller's greatest pet as they were born and bred in the fire-lands however they are going extinct in this new world of fading magic, to have one as loyal companion next to me, seems like a great gift to have.

"Thank You for your Generosity my friend, it shall not be forgotten" I say in my most rehearsed tone as the old priest bows to me. However as always Ashom is not impressed.

"IT'S TOO SMALL!" He roars

"They are just born m'lord they will grow in time..." the priest starts to explain.

"I DON'T WANT TO HAVE TO WAIT!" Ashom screams red faced, before anyone can stop him. My younger brother snatches up the crate and places his foot over the dragons "M'lord I wouldn't..." the priest begins, before he finds a fireball in his face. The priest falls to floor in agony, as Ashom screams.

"YOU GOT ME FUCKING RUBBISH DRAGONS! IDIOTS! IDIOTS! IDIOTS!" With this (and in a rage) he jumps up and down in the crate, slamming his boots down still screaming "IDIOTS! IDIOTS! IDIOTS!" As the priest burns and screams in mercy. Father quickly finishes the priest off with an extra burst of red fire, (more melted flesh fouls the air, but everyone is too preoccupied watching my brother to care) as Ashom continues to jump up and down, his face as red as his hair.

Finally he finishes, the blackish blood of the dragon he was supposed to own spilled onto his boot, I see a tiny grey wing and tail sliding down his stained boot, as he mutters "Idiots, I want massive dragons not stupid puny one's" and with this he spits back into the crate in disgust.

"They were my dragons too brother" I say approaching the crate coldly, thanks to this "Idiot" he probably just wiped of the last of the dragons off the face the earth, I look down into the gory mess as Ashom screams at me "I don't care! Their tiny! Dad! Tell Flarnk their tiny and..."

I'm not paying attention because under the layers of black blood and detached limbs of Ashom's baby dragon, a pair of yellow iris' blink back at me, I slowly reach my arms down into the mess and pick out my own, tiny, shaking and blood drenched dragon, who survived Ashom's rage. I'm drawn by the dragons eyes (it looks so vulnerable, it looks like it needs protecting) slowly but surely I begin to shelter the dragon with my expensive clothing, as I wipe the black blood from it's scaled back.

"You don't want to keep that Flarnk" father tells me glaring into my eyes "Ashom's right, they are weak and worthless creatures in today's world".

I glare back at father and mutter "It will grow Father, I want to keep it"

I have disappointed him, as I clutch the tiny creature to my chest I realise I don't care, it will grow and so will I.

And one day I will see it that I become ruler of Tiose, a fair and just leader unlike my family.   

The End

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