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Enter Tiose, a gigantic singular continent covering half of the globe. In the ten separate kingdoms, each ruling family craves to rule the entire kingdom. However to do this they must...
1) Eliminate all enemies
2) Master all ten elements. Each family can "control" one element in order to become the all powerful "Ruler" of Tiose.

My first attempt at medieval/fantasy, this chapter is basically a summary I couldn't be bothered to put in the author guidance, but it will explain the world itself, the history and what's gone on (in a nutshell) so... yeah. Enjoy!

The BC years (before connection) stretched on endlessly. The world was full of people who could control and manipulate the elements, the land was spilt into ten islands. On each island housed a different element and nearly every person born on a particular island gained this "power" to control the element of their islands. People born without this power were seen as disgraces and killed almost instantly, the ten elements were...

Fire- The ability to control Fire and Heat

Water- The ability to control water among other fluids (and very rarely blood itself) 

Ice- The ability to control Ice, (simliar to water, but those who control Ice can also control the temperature)

Earth/Fighter- The ability to move the earth or control it, depending on the strength on the "controller" the more earth they can move and at a greater pace.

Electricity- The ability to control electric currents and sparks, they can also control heat and light, very strong electric controllers can run at inhuman speeds.

Psychic- The ability to control the supernatural (through uses of telekinesis) their powers vary, from simply moving things, to reading minds, to invisibility, to being to possess others.

Steel- The ability to control steel among with other metals, the are simliar to those that control earth as they can control Iron and other metals within it.

Nature- The ability to control forests/plants/wildlife, they experienced in manipulating plants and trees to move or attack foes, they can use poisons and camouflage to their advantage. The most power controllers of nature will also be able to get any type of animal to do their bidding.  

Air- The ability to control gases, particularly oxygen. The controllers of Air can create gusts and gales that can knock buildings down and use the power of winds to fly themselves.

Dark- A mysterious element, not even most that control it can understand it, many have the common ability to fire dark bolts at others. However those that master this power can kill thousands through the "darkest" methods. When at it's peak it is the most powerful of the 10 elements.

These people of these 10 islands fought each other endlessly to full gain control. Finally a young controller of earth set about to restore peace to his war torn world. He succeeded in mastering all 10 elements and used his powers to control and conquer the 10 islands.

Under his control, he united those of all elements and through the work of thousands (moving earth, water, land, steel, nature and all) the 10 islands were joined in a single landmass known as Tiose. The man became the "Ruler" (or King) of Tiose under a new period of peace. The man was forever remembered in history as Conjed I The Greatest and First Man Of Tiose.

Conjed was a peaceful, well meaning man, who took in a loving wife and had many children. Praised for kindness and good looks (even into old age) Conjed saw no need for war, he united the kingdoms using his powers and under it secured a peace between the people of the ten elements, under his great reign and leadership this peace and harmony was secured throughout Tiose.

The year the Tiose was formed was the year he was made king. The years were changed to AC (After connection) Conjed ruled from 0AC- 100AC a century of peaceful rule.

After him his eldest son followed, and it was passed on through the male line, with Queens also taking the throne when there was no male successor, all were mastered in the ten elements and all were descendants of Conjed.

However centuries after the islands had been joined the power that had flowed through them, dried and died in the joined land, less and less element controllers were born as commoners began to make up the majority of the population. 

Problems arose, wars between commoners and those still prideful of the fact they could control elements. Wars between rich and poor, greedy kings and queens causing problems for the realm, they were great monarchs and those gone mad with power, but all could control elements. However Conjed's family had to resort to inbreeding to keep the line "pure" so children could inherit the ability and strength to master all 10 elements.

Women in the Royal family were expected to have a large amount of children to keep the family going, but soon some of these children began to lose the ability to control all 10 elements. Some could only control one elements, factions built up in royal courts and soon the royal family was divided in 10 separate parts of the realm. Each ruling their own sector.

The "Ruler" continued to rule from the centre of Tiose along with his or her key family members who could master the 10 elements, those that couldn't were sent to one of the 10 realms are left to suffer with the commoners. Each "Ruler" began to see the divided sectors as a means for each set of families to start plotting to separate the land into ten again, hence restoring their powers but dividing the kingdom once again in blood and warfare.

Wars were waged for a few centuries on this matter, when finally the "EndWar" was raged, the commoners aided by the ruler and his armies rose against those (most notably the ten families who could control the elements and their armies) who wanted the kingdom once again divided to secure their powers once again.

Eventually the war burned itself out with the loss of millions of lives on both sides both innocent and guilty, the ruler was killed and replaced with his younger brother. In the peace the younger brother had the guilty lords and members of the 10 families executed. The innocent members of the families were spared and sent to live peacefully in their sectors.

The "Ruler" had no key family left after the war, no one to succeed him in succeed the kingdom of Tiose. The only hope of a successor lies with his relatives who can control one element scattered across Tiose, along with their children. Conjed's family (The Enterlope family) have ruled and survived for 8,200 years.

Now the need for a successor has begun, of the ten families they would all scramble for power, but some still maintain the belief that the peace must be shattered for their powers to be regained. For these ten families the biggest chunk of history since Conjed's actions are going to occur, this history will outshine that of their ancestors.

And so in the year 8,239AC, 15 years after the "EndWar" our story begins...

The End

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