The other side of this story and enters on cue the four clowns...

When he sat in front of the computer again he recalled the other side of events that had taken place that day and where about to collide with his nurse world.

It all started a week ago...

"Frank he isn`t ready.Can`t you see the kid is too green?He`s going to get us arrested.Is that what you want ?"

"Of course not don`t be stupid.He will be fine.We still have a week for him to get the route down.He will fine."

The words were supose to reasure them but none of the three man in the flat were having none of that.

Dave  was the one who had been first approached to commit the robbery.He was known by both brothers from previous gigs and his knowledge of weaponry was what had sealed the deal.

Then there was the two brothers,Frank and Jerry.They had come up with a plan of some sort,that although not complety fool prove was worth considering.

And that lefts them with the last of the group their young cousin,from their mother`s side.Barely out of is teens the kid had just passed his driving licence.They really hadn`t been left with many choices.The three of them:Dave,Frank and Jerry had to be in the bank when the robbery took place.

The only remainning option was with the kid(he had a name but no one bothered to remenber-they just called him the kid),but what Dave had said about him not knowing the escape route was starting to concern all of them!

The last details where looked over and as soon as every one was certain of what they had to do,they went out.

A week from that day in front of the lights two blocks from St George`s their world would collide.

And from there their story would be print here and viewed in the six o`clock news that night...

The End

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