Tales of the unknown

Our story of the unknwon starts with the tale of a nurse and her fear...
Other will follow....

There is an inner place where fear resides.For every single one of us this place is not only diferent it varies on the degree and intensity of the fear.

Hers was a common fear.

She couldn`t face heights.It is with some amusement that as  I sit today before you telling the tale of her adventure or misfortune,she is still currently there at the top of a skyscraper.

At least that is what the knews are still reporting.

Her tale starts like any other tale with a simple begining.She was a nurse at a St Georges`s.The one next to the Fith Avenue,just on the cornner of Blind Man Spots.

I now that while any of you  all are reading this  information and thinking.

" Who was the clown who named this streets?"

But in  my story(pardon-hers the names of the street  where the hospital is situated is only for the purpose of knowing where she is right now),well going back to the begining.

She was scheduled for an early shift and while gulping down a glass of orange juice  and realising she had to go shoping soon if she wanted anything more than noodles for supper that evening!

She sighed and let the glass near the sink,together in a dirty pile of all the others left on the rush to work that week.

Our nurse had a lot of balls in the air.Tideness was not her strongest quality.

She picket the keys to her car on the entrance table in a blue ornament  and went out of the house.

Her day of troubles was just about to start.

When she was about to insert the key on the door she stopped.Something had come to her attention.Someone had vandalised her new car.Where only fresh paint should be showing there was now a big ugly grey line.

Her hand stood mide air and while the seconds pass by our nurse was thinking she had just finish paying the car.And tried to remenber the details of her insurance to see if it covered vandalising.

Her head was still around these details when she saw in the corner of her eye a dog being brought out from the house in front of her.

If she wanted to avoid being even more late she need it to get on that car and drive before Mrs Peter`s came and started talking about all her medicals problems!

The key finally made its way to the ignition and she was on her way.

I stop the keying in of words,and i smile as i continue to see the broadcasting of the latest on the hostage situation taking place at the roof at St George`s.

My hand reach out for the now cold cup of coffee.I take a sip and make a fowl expression! "Hurgh!"

A trip to the kicthen is in order as I put in place on my mind all the rest of the details of the life of our nurse.Tomorrow it shall be read in every single paper on town.The only thing uncertain is how it will end,but that is way the knews are on in the background.

Time to go back to typing...

The End

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