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Tonight, on a special live episode of GHOST CATCHERS, Nubbs and the team investigate the worlds most infamous haunted house in recorded history!

The introduction cuts to the team historian, Gill Myers, standing in front of a large shelf of old books surrounded by candle light. He dramatically removes his reading glasses and the unlit pipe hanging from his mouth. The camera zooms in for a close up.

"The Thornhill House is steeped in recorded paranormal history. The town of Whitewood physically uprooted itself and moved several miles east just to avoid the terrible legacy that surrounds this area. Murder, suicide, apparitions and more have been associated with Thornhill House."

The shot now begins to show a montage of old legal papers, photographs of the house and crime scene snapshots of alleged victims.

"The history of the estate traces back to the eighteen hundreds when a witch was stoned to the brink of death. She was cast out into the surrounding woods where it was thought she would suffer and die. She allegedly returned to possess the Mayors' wife. Shortly after, it is said that the witch bore five disfigured children. A few years later, the Mayor returned home to find his children slaughtered by his possessed wife who then attacked him. When he awoke, the authorities apprehended him for the murder of his family. The master bedroom was stained from floor to ceiling with blood, but the wife and children were gone. The Mayor spent five years in a mental institution before being found in his cell eviscerated and choked to death with his own intestine. Tonight, we hope to unlock the secrets of Thornhill House and put to rest the ghosts that haunt its halls."

The picture spins into the logo for GHOST CATCHERS. A dramatic music piece by Midnight Syndicate showcases a brief montage that introduces the team.

"Nubbs" Helsing: Lead investigator.
Gill Myers: Historian
Neo Adama: Technician
Barbara Paige: Psychic
And Burro, the spirit sensitive bloodhound!

The gravel road, unkempt and overgrown with weeds and flora, is stirred by modern souls contained within the extended cab van. Unnoticed by the group within the vehicle, the tall grass seems to bend and stretch towards them as they pass. The dying sun peaks out from the approaching nights' blanket for a few more hours before darkness carries it off to sleep. Just around the bend, through the sap and weeping willow trees, the house seems to materialize between the gaps of branches and trunks. The heat of the day causes the vision to shift and blur, as if the house pulsed with a life of its own.

Nubbs fingers dig into the steering wheel tightly. After chasing ghosts for over twenty years, the heaviness that pulls at his gut has never been this powerful before. A quick glance into the rear view mirror reveals the sensation is not his alone. The rest of the team huddle behind him to stare through the windshield at the immense estate.  Barbara shudders in her crawling skin. Her senses now locked in combat with a dread ebb of sickness crawling up her throat. Brushing aside her long black hair, Gill cups her cheek and turns her head towards him.

"You O.K.?" he asks. He has only seen Barbara like this once before. Mississippi. The Dunlevy Demon. The closest they had ever gotten to real evil. If it had not been for Barbara and her spirit guide, they might have lost that boy on national television.

Barbara forces a smile on her face. "I'll be alright, Gill. Thanks for asking."

Nubbs turns the van onto the gravel drive leading to the carriage entrance of Thornhill House. The secondary van is already parked there.

"Looks like the network camera crew is already here. Neo, you know the drill. Hook up with Ryan and Paul and get our internal gear operational. We have a few hours of daylight before we air."

Neo pulls a backpack over his shoulder and tilts his baseball cap to the side of his head. "We've got a lot of area to cover. I will probably need Barbara and Gill to help with setting up while you smile pretty for the intro to the pre-recorded interviews. Don't forget to include Burro in the shot! The network says the audience wants to see more of the old flea bag!"

Smiling, Nubbs reaches over to the passenger seat and pets Burro's head. "Don't listen old man. We got rid of those fleas with the last bath, didn't we?"

Burro lifts his long sagging face. His hind leg stretches to his neck as he begins to scratch under his ear.

"Nice timing. Anyone ever tell you, you have a face for radio?"

Burro lowers his head and lets out a humph.

The End

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