Tales of the Thornhill HouseMature

The pages of history are stained with tales of terror surrounding the Thornhill house. Will you dare to enter?


The sleepy village of Thornhill made its bloody mark in the pages of history during the eighteenth century. A beautiful witch was banished from the town for her misdeeds and the seduction of many angry wives’ husbands. The final straw came after the Mayor’s bride caught her husband and the witch together in the woods surrounding the estate. After her trial and conviction, the witch was stoned within an inch of her life and thrown into the woods to die. Her cries and screams could be heard for hours after her brutal lynching, echoing through the surrounding woods. Her screams turned to shouting curses and speaking in tongues until finally, silence.

Three days later, it is said that the mayor’s wife became violently ill and almost died. Her fever burned dangerously long. She became very distant and dark, shunning her friends and others. The only one that she would talk to was her husband. He tried finding the best doctors and medicine money could buy, but it was no use. She remained feeble and bitter towards all but her husband.

Soon after, she began to beg him for a child. She acted as if her very life depended on it. Eight months later, their first son, William, was born. He was malformed and riddled with disease. The Mayor was devastated. His wife, however, refused to see anything wrong with the child. He decided that they would try again and she happily agreed. Nine months later, twin girls were born, Melissa and Lenora. Physically healthy, the husband was ecstatic. But it soon became apparent that the girls were unable to speak; their minds damaged somehow. The wife begged him to try again. With much resistance, he finally agreed to try once more. This time, twin boys, Mason and Donovan, were born deformed, more animal than human. The pregnancy left his wife bed ridden. The Mayor fell into sadness at the thought of all the tragedy that had befallen him.Three years after the witch was banished, the Mayor and his family had been cursed.

But it doesn’t end there. On exactly the same evening three years later, the screaming came back. Somewhere in the woods, the sounds of screaming, crying, cursing and speaking in tongues bellowed through the cold fall breeze. The Mayor ran to his home to check on his family. What he had found drove him mad. His wife had arranged the children around her bed and slaughtered them all. She was standing, which is something she was not able to do since her last pregnancy, at the foot of her bed covered in blood and trembling. She began screaming and cursing, slashing at her husband. In his attempt to escape, he tripped and blacked out. When he was found, the bodies of his children and his wife were gone. Only the carnage remained.

He was quickly taken into custody and deemed insane and guilty of slaying his family. He was mysteriously murdered in the mental institution. No one has ever been able to stay in the house for long.  Several more mysterious occurrences have been documented throughout history dealing with murder and insanity.

Legend says it is still haunted by the ghosts of the witch and her undead children. Their curse still lives on in the old walls of the Thornhill house.

The End

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