Tales Of The Broken Heart

These are the tales of men and women alike that have ever been mistreated or hurt. Everyone has or will have their heart broken at one time or another, so here is the cold hard truth of it. All the love and pain through the times. Enjoy!

"I don't think I can do this anymore."

"Oh, it's just one boy. You shouldn't ever let one man have so much control over you."

"But mama, I'm not strong like you. How did you ever live through this? I feel like my hearts been cut right out of my chest. There's nothing left but a hallow wound."

"That's how I felt, dear, but I knew he wouldn't be the last. No man can ever keep you down. You just have to learn that you can stand on your own two feet."

"But how?"

"Here I have something I want to show you." She gets up and walks over to the bookshelf. "It helped me through the worst of times. It showed me that I wasn't alone, that I wasn't the only one who felt that kind of pain."

She hands the book to her daughter. For a moment she only looks at her. She can't understand how a book could ever help her now, but she swallows her objections and reads the back cover.

"What is this?"

"It's a book of heartbreak, love, pain, and joy. It tells you stories of other people's loves and losses."

"How is this going to help me?"

"Just read it a little bit. You'll see," Smiling at her young daughter, she affectionately rubs her shoulders. "Trust me."

"Ok, I'll try it," she sighs and walks upstairs to her room. She examines the cover.

Thorny, deep green vines wrap around a golden hilted dagger. Atop the hilt is a beautiful red rose. The letters swirl and curve like old columbian writing. She admires the beauty and contrast of the rose and dagger.

"Tales Of The Broken Heart? Well, I guess it can't hurt"

As dusk drew closer, she read on and on of hearts beaten to what felt like the end and how they lived on.

The End

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