Ork Warboss Gungstar the Killa gazed at the battlefield in front of him. His greenskins were losign ground, being pushed back by humans. Sudenly a small grot with a choppa approached the warboss, panting and breathing heavily.

"Gungstar, bad news." the grot gasped.

"Gungstar wants to know now snotling," Gungstar growled. He picked up the grot by its torso and raised it to his face. "Or else Gungstar feeds you to da Gobbla!"

The grot snotling aquirmed violently, tears running down its face. "No please Gungstar, no feed me to Gobbla! We lost ground by group of humies, but then dey gets smashed by da chaos humies. I was watching when a big explosion kill them all!"

An Ork big mech approached Gungstar, drawing his attention away from the quivering snotling. "Gungstar, weesa seing bigga tanks from da demon humies!"

Gungstar tightened his grip on the poor snotling. "Weesa kill da chaos humies and feast on der bodies! Wazzag, take da tankbustas wit you."

The ork mech Wazzag saluted Gungstar. "At once sir!" He made his way to a large group of orks wielding large Rokkit launchas and tank busta bombs. Seven bright red squigs growled ferociously, almost being driven insane by the bombs that were strapped onto them. Wazzag roared and the group was off, sprinting towards the group of chaos sapce marine predator tanks rumbling towards them.

Gungstar smiled before glaring at the cowering grot. "Yoosa could be usefels to me yet snotling." The Ork grinned as he called ten Nobz to his side. The Ork nobz were his personal squad, his elite Killa boys. "Boys, weesa gonna charge da pathetic humies! Bring as many of da boyz as you can, and strap a bomb on dis snotling," Gungstar ordered. He grinned at the grot. "I gots big plans for you..."


Wazzag raised his head over a large trench. His tankbusta boyz were impatiently fiddling with their weapons, waitng for the three predator tanks to get closer. Wazzag turned to an orc struggling to hold the seven voracious squigs. "Lets dem loose!" he ordered the Ork. The okr nodded, willingly relasing the chains holding down the squigs. They let out a wild screech before barreling towards the tanks. Wazzag couldn't help but raise his arms in victory as the seven squigs exploded onto the tanks, littering the area with burning tanks and squig remains. Wazzag's boys let out a wild howl before charging at the fleeing chaos marines. Their morale had withered due to the ambush. Some turned around to attack the orks but they were either mauled to death by the Orks massive weapons or sliced in half by Gazzag's large choppa.

"Predator squad thirty six requiring--AHHH!" The chaos marine was silenced as his head flew from his body.

"Stupid humies!"Gazzag roared.Him and his boyz began to howl with glee, celebrating over their victory. Suddenly a barrage of bullets cut through one of da boyz, ripping him to a bloody pulp. "Takes cover!" Gazzag ordered. He gazed at the three Chaos terminators armed with Reaper Autocannons casually making their way towards them, guns blazing. The barrage, leaving only Gazzag and a pair of his tankbustas, cut many of his boyz down.

"Boss, we gots to run!" one ork said to Gazzag. Gazzag shook his head, instead grabbing the ork's rokkit launcher and raising it over the top of the trench.

"Dis I calls, blind firing," Gazzag whispered. He held onto the trigger tight, the rokkit thundering out of the launcher. The ork stared in amzement as Gazzag's strength allowed him to take the recoil of the gun without getting hurt. A resounding ping followed by a yell, followed by and explosion made the three orks roar. They jumped out of the trench and saw the mangled bodies of two terminators along with the mutilated body of one surviving terminator marine.

"Urg...damn you... greenskins!" the chaos marine cursed, blood dripping form his mouth.

Gazzag grabbed the torn marine by the collar. "Weesa gots something in store for you humie." He turned to his two boyz and motioned to their tank busta bombs. They grinned evilly, taking their busta bombs out...


Sergent Thomas Flyyn of the 107th Imperial guard spotted a marine from a distance. He motioned to his squad to approach the body, thinking it to be a trapped space marine. However, on closer inspection they realized that it was a bloody chaosmarine. The chaos marine was breathing heavily, blood dripping from his mouth, chanting something Flynn could not understand. Upon closer inspection, the marine smiled. “It’s a trap you fools!” He yelled. Flynn noticed that the terminator had three large explosives stabbed into his back. It beeped once before detonating, a large, fiery explosion devouring the chaos marine and the imperial guard, their screams of pain muffled by ash and smoke. When the smoke cleared a large, black crater had formed.


Gazzag and his boyz smiled. They had saw the stupid humans approach then chaos marine. They also saw the large explsion that followed. Gazzag laughed. “Alright boys, lets get backs to da ship!”

As Gazzag and his boys turned around, they came face to face with a squad of space marines, their carbines and bolt rifles pointed directly at them. Their blur armour glittered in the sun, showing no signs of wear.

“Evening Orks,” the lead Ultramarine spoke. He cocked his rifle. “I do believe you were responsible for that trap correct?”

Gazzag smiled. “Filthy human, you are weak! You never gonna beats Gungstar the Killa!”

The space marine tightened the grip on his gun. “ You Orks never learn.”

Gazzag eyes widened in horror, a single moan escaping his mouth as the Ultrmarines cut him and his boyz down to a bloody pulp.


The End

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