Tales of Jah Plion (a Warhammer 40k fanfic)

This is intended to be a compilation of short stories revolving around a single battle based in the Warhammer 40k Universe.

Scenario - The world of Jah Plion has been long abandoned as a world not worth the effort. Located on the fringes of the galaxy, the only evidence of the Emperor's rule is a small partially devoted set of farming colonies and a single Imperial Guard regiment. The planet has long been forgotten or just plain ignored in general... Until a visiting Tech-priest found something buried deep beneath the Soaked Plateau. He sent out an urgent message to the Imperium asking for the High Tech Priests to send an expedition to help unearth what lay hidden in this forgotten world.

The transmission however... was picked up by more than just the Imperium.

The Chaos marines and Orks have both come to the world to investigate what could be an artifact or a new source of power... Expecting this sort of trouble, the Imperium of Man sent a Chapter of new Space Marines called the Deathe Phoenixes.

All three fleets reached the planet at once and seeing as there was a blood bath to be had, all their drop pods and ships were unleashed, resulting in a random spread of troops all across the plateau.


Just a few guidelines - Alright, so first of all this is basically a series of short stories from different viewpoints throughout this battle. I'd prefer if the protagonist of each short die, unless of course you intend for him to have a second feature.

Second, the actual mystery about the place... If you don't mind, I'll try and figure out what it is exactly, but feel free to message me about details regarding it. I should have it figured out by then...

Ok, so playable races - Obviously the Orks. You can make them a mix of different clans, same goes for the Chaos... they can be followers of any Chaos God. It’s the Space Marine chapter that's non-canon.

Also, the Imperial Guard can factor in as forces that were already planet side as well a few Tech Priest vehicles (though these can be seen as part of the Deathe Phoenix Chapter)


And yeah, that's about it... the Entire battle is supposed to have lasted 12 hours with fights becoming increasingly disparaging in the end. Only format rule is that at the beginning of each chapter mention how many minutes/hours into the battle the scene begins and then at the end at how many minutes/hours in the scene ends... Yup, that should be about it... I can only hope this kicks off and has a few chapters that aren't all me.


If there are any other questions or critique's regarding this particular fanfic feel free to message me/comment. I got the idea for this after having played DoW for ages.


The End

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