King Deriel and Crown Prince Teriel raised their eyes in surprise as Adriel and Elwyn burst in upon them, black and golden hair disheveled and faces flushed from the run back to the palace.  Teriel was not pleased to be interrupted.  "What is the meaning of this, Adriel?" he asked his daughter in an icy tone.

"Prince Jeriel's been kidnapped!" Elwyn gasped.

"What?" the King barked, his face going pale.  "When?  Where?  By whom?"

Placing a calming hand on her friend's arm, Adriel spoke up and told the story.  As a future Queen, she had been trained to project calm in a crisis.

When she had finished, the Princess allowed her fear to show in her clear blue eyes as she asked her grandfather, "Do you know anything of these people?"

Deriel's face was grim, his eyes cold, his jaw firm.  "Not yet," he said flatly, then turned and strode from the room, calling orders to the servants and retainers nearby.  Within minutes, messengers had been dispatched to the Sirens, the Elven Army was ready to march at a moment's notice, and searchers were organized to scour the countryside around the Elven capital of Cerwindel for any signs of Jeriel or his kidnappers.

But, for days, no trace was found.  Then, a week after the kidnapping, a group of Sirens spotted three strangers trying to capture a Centaur.  Diving from the sky, they snatched the strange weapons from their hands, and captured them.

The End

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