Chapter 3Mature


Salvadore glared at the woman who stood before him. She held a clipboard with a hand, adjusting her glasses with the other.She was a short woman. Her brown eyes looked like pools of freshly churned earth after a rainy day, her long hair was a deep violet.

“Mhm” Her eyes didn’t leave the papers even after she heard him groan in frustration. He let out a loud sigh before taking a deep breath.

“Look, Lady. I’m not a babysitter, I am a mercenary.” His voice was quiet yet strong.

“Oh? What's the difference?” She clicked the back of her pen before writing someone on a piece of paper. “A mercenary is primarily concerned with making money, wouldn’t you agree?”

“Yes but-”

“That means, if I pay you a large sum of money, You would do what I need you to?”

He set his jaw, glaring at her. The woman smiled, annoying him more than before. His eyes were golden, his spiked hair matching. He was tall enough to tower over the woman. He cracked his knuckles,

“I can handle some Brat...But the question is, Why? I would understand if you wanted me to be a bodyguard...But it seems like you want me to protect people from her”

The woman looked up from her clipboard, a small frown on her lips, “Bingo

Salvadore was on edge now, “Who is this girl?”

“You’ve heard the stories of the Sirens...have you not?”

He raised an eyebrow, “That long extinct race? What about it?”

“Hm? you’re interested all of a sudden? If you agree to take the job, then i’ll tell you.”

He sucked on his teeth, “Fine”

Well...This ‘Brat’, So happens to be the very last one. And the reason why you’re here is because she has quite a bad...’habit’”

Salvadore blinked in disbelief, “Habit?”

“You will see when you meet her, I have some tips while you are talking to her”

“Tips? What for?” Salvadore asked with a confused expression.

“Let’s just say, the last babysitter she had was ripped into pieces by her” She cleared her throat, “Tip number one; Do not look her in the eye. She hates eye contact and she probably rip your eyes out if you do. Two; refrain from changing your expressions too quickly. If she sees even a slight sign of weakness she will probably rip your heart out-”

“Its almost like shes an animal of sorts” Salvadore interrupted.

“Hah, more like a monster” She quipped.

A hundred thousand gold just to watch over a crazy brat, seems easy enough.

“Alright, i’ll take this job” Salvadore crossed his arms with a cocky smirk


The End

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