Chapter 2Mature

Melody plopped down on a red velvet couch, a bottle of water in hand and a towel on her neck. She drank a large swing of water and let out a sigh of relief.

"Ahh, i'm so tired"

She leaned her head back, closing her eyes. She hummed softly as she dozed off. Her eyes opened as she tilted her head to the side, barely dodging knives that met their mark next to her head. She looked at them with a frown, the knives had roses engraved on the silver blade, the hilt having an even bigger rose on it. She turned her attention to the female assassin in front of her.

"Melody the siren?"

The woman threw a knife into the air while catching it, repeating this over and over. Her other hand on her hip. Her outfit was a brown leather tanktop and shorts, on her feet were worn black boots, with throwing knife sheaths on her thighs. And judging by how many she has, she was not here to be friendly. The woman had a pretty face, what a shame. 

Melody smiled sweetly.

"Oh, a fan! Do you want my autograph...?"

The woman snickered. "Please, little girl. I'm here to end you"

"You're from the bloody rose guild, huh?" Melody tapped a finger on her chin, "Because I didn't wanna join you losers?"

The woman's cheeks flushed a bright red as Melody insulted her guild. This woman was quick to anger, Melody thought.

"Don't talk shit about Bloody Rose!"

She drew more knives and got into a combat stance.

Melody slowly stood up, her black hair falling in front of her eyes, her head hanging forward. There was a long, long silence before her head suddenly snapped upwards, revealing an insane smile as she suddenly began laughing sadistically.

"Oh this is rich! A Bloody Rose bitch thinks she can take me!-"

A knife was thrown and it hit Melody square in the chest. She stumbled a bit, blood running down the side of her mouth. And blood soaking the chest area of her dress.

"Serves you right!"

The woman snarled, her face that was filled with anger was soon filled with fear.

" way..."

Melody started to laugh again, stumbling as blood gushed from her chest wound. Her face went back to serious as she reached up and pulled out the knife, causing more blood to gush out. She looked at the knife and began to laugh again as the wound closed instantaneously.

"Its my turn now...right?"

Melody dashed forward as she began to sing,

My melody, your angel of death.

My requiem,

will plant a painful fear in your heart,

This haunting melody will call forth the Reaper, from the depths of despair your death will be starting.

I will tear your world into pieces.

The elegy you hear, sharp like a requiem, will implant in you a primal fear.
I saw it all just now, all the pain will come soon, and I’ll tear it apart as I please.

The woman had no time to react as diamonds encased her right fist, she swung it backwards as she punched the woman square in the gut before round house kicking her with a diamond encased highheel. The woman flew back and hit the wall, creating a large crater. She coughed up a mixture of blood and vomit before looking back up at Melody in fear.

“N...No way…” The woman coughed up more blood. “I wonder if I ruptured some of her internal organs with the punch and kick…?” Melody giggled sadistically as she continued her song.

“A normal little girl...can’t be...this strong…” The woman was terrified.

Even if you wish to protect someone

you have no choice but to show true strength, true power

Just crush those who say otherwise right?

Those ideals mean nothing to me.

Try to scream, try to call now, but I will take all of your tears
And I’ll tear them apart as I please.

The woman was shaking in fear as she tried to free her knives from their sheaths. Melody held a hand out in front of her, creating diamonds out of thin air around her.

If you still want to fight, I will prescribe you a good medicine and a brief operation. No mercy, I won't hold back. You native bug, you're begging to be crushed. 

So thats why… Melodies singing voice was sweet and dangerous, almost as if she was enjoying this. 

The diamonds launched themselves at her, three hitting her arm and pinning them to the wall while the other two hit her in the leg, purposely missing her vital organs. The woman screamed in pain and grit her teeth. Melody slowly walked towards her as sharp diamond claws appeared on the fingertips of her right hand.

"I'll tear you apart." 

The End

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