Melody: The last SirenMature

Sirens are a rare race in the world of Ellentia. Their voices were pure and powerful, they had the abilities to control humans with their songs, stops wars...or even create them. But not long ago they were hunted and killed, their body parts used to create magical instruments that can be used to cast powerful magic. Melody, our main character. Is half-Siren, Half-human. Bastard bred and bastard born she is a popular Idol and the last siren in the world.

"Melody the show is about to start. Are you ready yet?"

Melody turned her head towards the female voice outside her dressing room, a small smile crossing her lips as she turned to her mirror.

“Mhm! Give me a minute”

She tucked a long strand of black hair behind her ear, the lightbulbs on the border of the mirror lighting up her dark green eyes. Her skin was cream colored. She had high cheekbones and her cheeks were soft rosy pink. Her face the young and her eyes were as innocent as a child's. Her childish beauty could make even a flower blush. She pushed out her chair and stood up. Melody walked towards the door of her dressing room, grabbing the microphone from its stand and leaving the room.

A short walk down a long hallway lead her up some stairs and down another hallway, the sounds of muffled music. She entered a large dark room, walking to the middle she stood on a red X in the middle of the floor.

"Break a leg"

Melody side-glanced towards the female voice, she stood in the doorway that she had walked though. She took in a deep breath, letting it out with a sigh. Music has begun playing overhead, the sound of millions of people chanting her name over and over.

"Melody! Melody! Melody!"

"Here we go"

The floor under Melody had begun to lift her up, the roof opening and taking her onto to the stage. The lights blinded her at first, she smiled as the crowed cheered at the sight of her. the stage was surrounded by people except for a large gap between the stage and the crowd. Music was blasting and the lights suddenly dimmed before blasting a mixture of blue and white all around her. She put her microphone to her lips and began to sing.

Always, Always, We were together at all times. Always, I was thinking of you. 

You told me I was the depth of your being, I am your hatred and your sadness.

Was that all lies?

Are you sure you didn't make an idol out of me?

My heart changed for you

Since that day, at that moment,

I could not stop thinking of you

Please remember, and remind yourself,

I was more sad than you thought,

I tried my best. What are you gonna do yourself?

I just want you to realize that its just pieces of a broken mirror that you are trying to put back together.

By your side, I was waiting for you, and I loved you.

I want you to hold me right and don't let me go,

I want to be in your arms. 

I want to be loved and I wanted to be needed, by you I love the most.

So i'll keep singing, I'll keep going.

The lights dimmed as the music slowly died down.The crowed cheered and applauded. A smile crossed her face as she let out a loud into the mic, 'Whew!' The crowd started quiet down  She placed a hand over her eyes as if to block out the light to see the them.

"So many people came today! I didn't know it was possible to fill the entire Swan concert hall but you all did it!"

She placed a hand on her cheek while the other held the microphone close to her chest. Her cheeks were flushed,

"I’m embarrassed! Thank you everyone! I'll do my best to make this the best show ever!"

The End

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