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Menya was wondering through the darkness. Her dessperation to see Leath was greater than ever and she has only known him for a few days. The unrelenting nightmares the cave of darkness made her undure. But the worst thing was she couldn't see a thing. She felt lonely, so very lonely. Only the cold drip of the water from the baby stalagmites of the ceiling. Her arms where aching as she had to feel her way through the painfuly sharp walls. She could hear the scuttering of the coackroaches on the damp ground below. Her heart was slow but not relaxed. All she wanted now was to see Leath and her new green friend. Was that to much to ask?

There was a tingling in her finger tips the water seemed to follow her slender finger as the stroke along the rockface. Only a few sparkles of the tiny crystal ghrapted into the rocky maze walls. The darkness was cosuming everything even her fingers as she held them aganst her eyes. Then there a Crash. The thundering pound send the water that lined the floors on a journey straight into Menya's young , and now muddy, face. The lost girl fell on her back laying down in think gloopy water. Her hair was now wet and had god knows what slithering in it. She would almost feel the lost dead soul clinging onto her. "Alright maintain you'r composure..." She whispered to herself. But it was to no avail. The muddy women let out a Tremmbling scream through the caves. The very roots of the trees above shifted away from the monsterous yelling. It was obvoiuse she was pissed off. But she was also scared. Menya wanted to hide her fear with a frightening angry.

The darkness was cutting through the sound of the feasting leeches as leath trashed franticly. His young finger stiffened with his inter body. There was only fear in his eyes as the Thick, black, feasting things wraithed across his torso and the upper half of his body. He had given up when the sloppy Wart on the Demon frogs back has burst. Showering him in Worms of death. It was over. He was going to die there was no stopping it. Being eaten alive by a hungry Puss. Water... A cold liquid was taking form and climbing up Leath doomed body. The water shifted slowly upwards to his neck. It was fast water. He wasn't going to be eaten alive. He was going to drown well being eaten alive. He held his breath as long as he could. The thick water had enveloped The fearful man. Leath eyes were jammed shut. The breath was going on forever. But he slowly opening his mouth excepting his enevitable death.

"What..." Leath blurrted. He was breathing in the watery shell he was trapped in. His eyesite met

The End

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