Chylori's PlightMature

Chylori's Knee were knocking as he was fixated on the Giant thing comign from above. He may have been an element of leaf ,and very powerful. But he wasn't a fighter.. never was. He was going to be crushed. The magical youth had slammed his green eye shut awaiting his demise. It was inevitable. He couldn't run away not now. "Look out!!" The boy felt a force pushing him into the air sending him flying away from the fat comsuming shadow and slamming him into the think gunky waters. only a little away. All this happened in about ten seconds. Chylori open his young eyes wide in amazement.. "'s you!" His couldn't belive it. The human known as... Leath has saved him from his untimely demise. Then. Bam! the Dark slimey thing finally slammed agants the ground.

Leath's eyes had widened as large and unblinking as the kids. It's was a Giant Toad... Like any other Only black with Deathly red eyes. The thing was about the size of a normal house and a fearsome amout of puss fillled Giant wart on It's Massive back. They wart seemed to wriggle as if they were things inside them.. The site made Chylori want to throw up, Leath to. The Croak was super sonic as the sickening sound Battered There ear drums sending echoes through the endless caves. "A... Frog Dementioria.. what" Leath has seen alot of Dementioria but not Ugly massive toads. "A...a demon.." Chylori's week voice sqeealed. "Run Kid!!" Leath authoritively ordered. Chylori didn't hesitate to follow the command. As his thing legs begans to run for a small exit passage in the east of the room. The kid was running as fast as his little leg could take him. His heart was pouding like a Heard of ulasopalis running from a rouge dementioria.

The Toad didn't miss a beat seeing the boy run for cover. With no hesitation the thing shot out it's enlongated licker wrapping around the green morsal. There was a squeal of fear as the Toad thing wrapped his tounge back up swallowing the Vegitarian treat whole. "KID!!!!" Leath watched in disbelief as the young kid was eaten before his very eyes by some big ass frog monster. The Screach Echoed through the underground labaryrith. Leath jammed his hands on his ears "Ahhh!!" The sound was to much from his soft human ears. Leath saw that the pusstules on the Toads back was Thrashing about soemthing wanted out. Then It' burst as hundreds of tiny Leaches rained down from the Black cave celing. He was going to get drained of all his blood. As he was covered in the tiny black savages. "Ahhhh get off!" The things egnored his meak plee as the lauched on. Leath slammed his knees aganst the watery ground is torso covered in the black things. 

The End

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