The caves.Mature

Chylori was alone. It was pitch black. Nothing but the dips of dad liquid from the invisible stalagmites. The green boy has a tight grip on his staff as he pulled him thin legs to a standing position. Drip, Drop, Drip. Chylori seemed to be fine to scratches or anything. He may have been an almighty element of Leaf but he was still a child. He was only a few thousand years old. So he was still a kid. He could hear a echo through out the underground caves. A type of rib-bit sound. "A frog... hmmp.. there must be alot in here. Oh well i best find those humans." The croak seemed louder then any normal frog .. The caves must make the croaks louder he thought.

The humans didn't seem very bad. Cyhlori had always belived that humans were evil, Bad, destoryers of the forest. Chylori cleanched his tiny fist visualising the flaming forests and the dead woods lay to waste by the demonic high species. But no.. these humans seemed nice... Just mabye... lost. If that were the case He would guide then out of the forest... But now they were gone.. he was unsure when this tunnle system was created.. The dark, dank, morbid, shadows of the caverens. Chylori could feel the voice of the water. He could always hear it but now only faint.

The young boys plodded through the thin water line entering a large open area. All seemed calm just the calming drip of thewater from the Lonely stalagmite hanging in all it's massic glory as if it were a hand reaching for the blessed wateres below. The croak was loud as it esculated from above.. A thrashing sounf of wind from above something was coming from above. and whatever it was was coming fast. The size of the new threaths shadow from above making the young green boy dissaper as if he was nothing. Chylori's through was in a knot .... he was scared... and Somthing... Somthing big was coming for him.

The End

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