Floor 230Mature

"Damn.... it's... so... c..c..c..old up here" Reitzel stuttered as he steps through the cloud onto he pathway. He couldn't see a single thing making it very easy for him to stray form he path and fall to his death. He was high up. Really high up. And if h didn't find a way don't he would freeze to death. The roads seem to go on forever no stairs. No nothing. The occasional right or left turn but nothing else. Until ...

 A strange whaling sound echoed thought the cloudy walkway. The Screech sliced through his ears as the Long claws grasped the thick rocky path. "What... there here to." Reitzel had seen these things before. They had square stone mask with strange ancient symbols echoed into them. It slender body was a Black color with a silver glimmer .And his hands short but attached a Elongated claw shot from it's index fingers. Large spike shot from it's back. The thing was a vertebrate and walked like a hunch back. It was supported by it's long finger nail on each hand. Reitzel had called them Vengs. The sound they made with the sword calls sounded like a . Veng sound. His logic seemed simple enough bang, bang you'r dead. The complicated Equation hadn't really failed him before.

Reitzel felt his hand reaching for the Desert eagle in his jeans holster. He called it Uroborus. Without missing a beat his pulling the waiting trigger with aiming as he swiped the gun to the right. Head already placed Uroborus in her holster and then there was a sqeeal and a crack. The Veng has fallen to it's death and that was good enough for him. "They followed me here.. Damn Vengs." He had kicked himself already for thinking they would give up so easy.

 the strange man walked for another five minutes Until... There they were as if they had apper in front of him. Stairs came into view as the large cloud shifted past."Thank you whichever god is watching over me.. Thank you." They seemed to go down far but not all the way down. He still had some stuff to do. Before he made his way from the Skyward Maze of freezing my ass off. That was his nick name for the place.. Inventive yet the person who made it would beg to differ.

The End

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