My name is ChyloriMature

The green child of th Forest entered into the morning light he one eye that wasn't hidden was fixated on the two. There was only the soft winds making it's way through the Maze of Strong broad trees. The whisping sound and the shifting wind blowing a handful of leaves across the light green grass in front of the two curious humans.

The green Child took a death breath puffing up his slim chest and said "Im am Clylori spirit child of the 5 element " He Boasted "I am the child of leaf wielder of Yggdrasil's branch." the child said wielding his staff high in the air shaking it. "Yggdrasil's branch huh.. the great tree of life" Leath stated "Correct you have a good knowledge my large tall friend." The boy giggle and smiled up at them both. "wow..." Menya muttered. Then before anyone could say anything Menya tackled the small boy squeezing him tight. "Awww you'r so sweet so cute i can't believe it." sh squeezed the kid so tight "uhh... you'r crushing me" Chylori gasped as he was being crushed by the mighty embrace. A giant Rumble thrashed through the ground the morning dew falling from the tips of the grass. "what the" Shouted Leath as the very floor crummbled beneath there feet. Then the were falling into the caves below

The End

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