Part 3Mature

The forest path seemed to go on forever. It was a clear green beautiful forests with tall trees shooting out on the soft soil. The tree trunks all strong and majestic. Leath was leaning aganst some might oak tree his arms crossed and his Right foot jammed aganst the tree. The sun seeped through the clearings and sparkled aganst the shimming pond in the forest clearing. Meyna was sat on the Large rock dipping her small feet in the cool pond. There was the calming trickle of water as it flowed into the small cave opening. Underneath them was a echo. "There must be some kind of cavern beneath us." Meyna said in a suggestive tone. almost like she wanted to go and check it out. "Yeah" Leath replied almost as if he didn't give a damn.

The Birds Chattered int the high tree tops and fluttered down slapping aganst the waters surface and scooping up a trout into it's think talons and swooped to the side to feast.

Leath had a feeling his mind seemed to be focused on the opening they'd entered from. They were being watched he wasn't sure but he had a type of gut feeling. And usually his gut was right. Leath had seen movement. He Heard Leaves. The gently swish of green being crunched by a feeling Spectator. The sly watcher was elsewhere now but leath was gripping the handle of his blade tight remaining inconspicuous so he wouldn't scared the girl. He didn't want another death on his hands.

"Huh.." Menya said turning her head to. She had seen it to the weird feeling she got in the back of her neck was telling her someone was there... What if it's some sort of weird pervert Menya pondered to herself. She turned her head back to find the now vigilant Leath holding the sheath of his sword. "Come out. we know you'r here" Leath shouted cutting through the forest clearing and echoing back through the rough wood.

There was a silence. An ill quiet that made Menya shiver. The crunch of the watcher stepping into the clearing made Menya's Throat knot. Friend or foe. The question burning into her mind. The unseen observer was now skulking from the pale shade. Menya felt relieved seeing it was only a small child.

 A boy. About 8 or 10 years old. He was the strangest looking boy with pale green skin and a large leaf covering one of his eyes. He had Green short hair and bracelets made of leaves on each of his wrist. He wasn't very tall about the size of a normal small child and wasn't wearing any shoes. The young child was sexless and and Leafs wrapped around his knees. The emerald green eyes looking at them glistening in the sunlight. He was gripping a long stick like a staff with one small hand.

The End

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