part 2 Reitzel~...Mature

The path seemed empty, it probably was as well the escape pod had crash in some strange ruins in the sky. well you'r in for it now he muttered to himself. The man was in his mid twenty's he wore white boots covered by his baggy Grey cargo pants and he wore a white hooded top with black imprint of a black skull with a large cog which the skull seemed to have the cog shooting out of it's temple and turning back into it's chin. His hood was lowered resting gently on the back of his neck, His young features vibrant and smooth. He had dark black stubble, just shaved and His hair was spiked back the Shadow blackness of his hair very visible. All the tips of his hair where white like he had dipped each individual tip in snow or paint.

The man stared back at the smoking wreckage of his escape pod. It was a spherical pod not much to it not even a Stacisis mask so he could rest. It was battered from the impact crashed aganst a inconvenient dead end. I hope you'r with me... my friend. The young man Griped his hand gun tight his finger touching the cool trigger holding it pointing up at the Grey sky.

He scanned his surroundings see only a large stone path with what looked like pillars Shooting up from the Whiteness of which he saw after daring to peek off the edge. He was high, He was cold and he was god damn confused only see the thing stone pathways shooting from the clouds .The pillars holding up higher walkways. He had no interest in this Labyrinth in the sky. All he wanted was to get to safe ground. Was that to much to ask?

"Alright Reitzel time to get a move on." He mumbled to himself as he steeped forward ready to get the hell off this rock before he ended up getting blown off the edge by the Strong winds. Reitzel was running bolting down the ruins path and rushed into th unseen clouds.

The End

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