The first leg of the journey ~The forest of the lost element~Mature

Leath mind kept speaking to him blocking out all the tragic thoughts Trashing like an angry shark deep in the endless sea of his mind.

"I wonder.... why are you taking me back miss Menya?" The question made the young girl stop in her tracks. She knew the answer but she had nothing to say, her throat clogged up and began to become sore. She wanted to tell him how she was hoping he would to fall in love with her, Hoping that they would have a adventure and then be happy. It was strange but it felt like fate but if she said that she would feel like a try-ed and testes idiot. Then the hamster in her head started to run on it's wheel spinning intently as she conjured up some amazing, fantastic, unstoppable excuse she could thrash Leath's mind with so he would fall to his knee praying, shouting "God thats why thank you Menya you are so great". She swallowed gulping as she exited her amazing fantasy. Sadly being yanked back into reality yealed no ultimate answer to Leath's Burning question. She was screwed.

"Uh.... i .. uh... Have to get somethings from uh... Kant's Mineral shop in Domimeris." Her Tone was stuttery and uncertain. She turned starring into Leath's young face and saw his Slim smile fade was he upset or something? "Right well lets go" He muttered quietly and he slung his Feather-light blade over his broad shoulder. "Weh.. what .. uh.." As Menya stuttered like a whiney little girl. Leath was already at the mouth of the forest. "w...wait up" She shouted waving on arm in the air following him and firmly standing next to Leath.

The forest seemed open and clear the fresh air turning into a cool breeze brushing aganst the two's cheeks. "The wind feel nice" Leath said holding up his open Palm feeling the calming wind brush between his open fingers. The forest awaited them on the first leg of there journey.

The End

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