part 4Mature

"Filo, Filoooooooooo" The words seemed to echo throughout the Vally of losent Menya sat quietly with a perplexed look on her face, she just didn't get it, why was this cute prince charming now th dragon of the story and why was she not crying? "I guess mabye i exspect to much it's my own fault." She let out a forgiving sigh and climb off her cold chair. Just then to young boy slips through onto the smooth wooden floor skidding and hitting the Thin, frail wall bashing straight through the thin twig like surface.

"FILO, ZACKS!!!!! i just can't believe you sometime you drive me insane aawwww man it's going to take me like a week to sort that!!." Her voice seem to go on and on like a train, her word echoing gently in the sleeping mans ears. "Do you have to shout so loud?" The calm yet arrogant voice echoed. "You!" Dark clouds were forming around Menya's head.. She has just about enough crap for one day, as if her dream had been crushed in a split second.

then out of nowhere the storm cleared as a clam comforting voice spoke."Sorry about that... i think I've over stayed my welcome... Thanks miss.." The word seemed to corrses her gently and the stormy thundering anger she felt had faded away. She Felt her cheek warm up and thin reddness surrounded her face. Menya turned a 360 spin. and smiled at him she stared at Leath.. Now awoken.

"It's was nothing really.. Uh... Are you feeling better?" The young man smiled a reasured thin grin. "Yes but... Pautz." His happyness seemed to have faded away and there was nothing in his young feature. His head seem to uncotrolably fall to his hands, His young voice cut off but the shivvering sound he made holding back his tears. "I...i couldn't save him..." It was like his happyness had just dissapred with the thought of this guy Pautz. The girl had a feeling about what happened. "Did he...die?" She reluctently muttered.. "Yes.. the dementioria.. crushed him under to rocks. on a simple Task.".. "Im guessing that was that bloody pile of stone i saw when i found you...?" she almost had it's all figred out but.. not quite. The weeping boy nodding with his head place in his hands. "Im sorry i only found you there... and a big Beast carrcass. i was amazed."

She hadn't noticed that Filo and Zacks had made there escape, she was to busy stareing into his Crystal blue eyes. She felt an overwhelming sadness take over her. She felt so sorry for the Boy.

"So you'r a divinitie are you... We should get you back to Domimeris." she said in a hopeful voice. "i can't i don't have the relic the Mission was a failure" Her atempt to cheer him up was a useless fail.. or was it? "You mean this?" The girl opens a small old, wooden chest at the side of the room away form the destoryed wall. She pulled out a small Golden Tablet placing the heavy relic in his young ,delicate hands. "This is..." Leath was in dissbelif" He smiled... feeling his heartbeat increase.. his faith in the kindness of strangers had be restored. "Uh hu i thought you were serching for it so i took it with me..." She was happy to have cheered the boy up.. even for a second. "My name is Leath, Leath WhiteCroft" He smiled looking back. This was no time to cry over Pautz's death "Menya, Menya Crowly"

In a hesitent voice he said "Thank you... Alright lets go"

The End

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