part 3Mature

"Pautz.....Pautz....Please Pautz im sorry.... it's my fault... all my fault.." The rude boy had been sleep talking for the past hour, but quiet frankly Menya Didn't give a damn the boy had been so rude to her his hurtful word slicing through her mind on repeat. "Who the hell are you?" As it's echoed like a loud Bell in her had all her hopes, all her dreams all her hope crumbles into dust in her head. Menya was sulking in her chair at the side of the small room waiting.. Just waiting to give him a piece of her mind. "Why that big jerk im going to knock some sense into that son of a bitch!."

Menya was the pretty girl in the village. there weren't many people in the village only about ten and she knew there names off by heart. First there were Bido, miri, and Zacks they where a happy family that have been happy well... forever. Then there was Malro and Demaria they where the village's greatest swordsmen.. and sword women. All the others sh didn't know that well apart from her gram pa of course. Menya loved her gram pa her parents died when she was only young.

The End

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