part 2Mature

The very attractive boy was still sleeping but he had show some signs he was going to wake up soon, the shifting, the sleep talking, meeting the strange boy made his watcher, the very pretty girl very happy. It almost made her want to clap and giggle but not now she would look insane.

He shifted again ,this slight jut was bigger then most of his dances the boy made and he slept. He was waking up and The girl could tell. "Yes my prince charming is waking up." her voice was light and happy she could barley contain herself so much so that her finger shot out and started to poke to waking boy as if he were a giant good looking button. "poke, poke, pokeeeee" she giggled as she aided his awakening. It wasn't that she wanted to say it it's just.. She needed to saying it Finally he finger bashed aganst his warm chest "Poooookkkkeeeee." Her face was ecstatic and then after all The pretty girls hard work had payed off.

"ow~" Leath shot up out of his bed leaning up holding his beating head. It felt like a Uladopalis and sat on his brain and he couldn't think straight. All he heard was a high pitched squeal. As Leath lifted his head a pretty girls face was staring back. He was confused looking into her dreamy blue eyes... "Who the hell are you" Leath let out in a half assed voice his head was banging and he didn't have time for fan girls ,hot or otherwise. "Wehhh...." The girl seemed almost like she in disbelief.. It looked like she was going to pass out due to the inept disbelief on her face. "Im... Meyna..." her voice let the word slip out almost as if she was going to die.. "Leath.." He exclaimed and he feel back into the comfort of the bed closing his light blue eyes. "Night Meyna." He snuggled deeply into the warm hug of the bed. He didn't have time to wake up his mind was to fixated on the Yuso.. the relic... and Pautz.. He had to have at least a few Deathening nightmares to make him feel the way he should. Really really crappy.

The End

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