Hey... Wake up.. you alive?Mature

The young girl sat next to the sleping youth, he was about 18 mabye 19 and she had been watching him for the past week. It had almost become a hobbie for her and strange as it sounded she was rowing fond on him as he lay breathing gently. He was alive just... no awake. The young girl was short she had shimmring bright blue eyes. Her hair was long and blonde down reasting on her sholders and her smile was angelic and warm. She wore a white coat and with a large belt tied around her waist holding and she wore long jeans. She was a very clean women her hair was lighter then most blonde ,it seemed to sparkle like morning dew of the fields sorrounding Mindiso falls ,She always liked to go there in the winter time the waterfall would be frozen and it would seem to sparkle like cyrstals.

 "we.h.h..". She hadn't relised she started day dreaming ,she often did, but she liked it her mind was a strange thing ,strange but beautiful.

The End

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