part 4Mature

Awakening from his white slumber Leath saw that he had slashed the zombie demons arm clear off. It's massive bulbous claw still thrashing about as the thick blood shot out of the end of the now sliced off limb of the horse thing. The blood seemed to be never ending as it flushed out of the arm like a bloody rocket.

 The beast woke Leath with it's bone chilling screech as the shock waves rumble the fort. A loud long high pitched wail, which echoed through the dead hallways and through the very pillars sending them crashing down. The Dementioria was still alive bloody coursing out of it's one armed exterior. A rush of madness shot through Leath's already aching body. "Die you son of a bitch!". Leath leaped high into the air as the undead thing slapped it's blood lusting claw for him at high speed. Not missing a beat Leath ran up the arm of the beast. He stabbed his sword deeply into it's elongated arm running quickly ,rushing up wards slicing it's shoulder blade, landing on it's shoulder. The horns where in plain site as the boy ,lead only by gut instinct, Slashed through the towering horns ,sending them plummeting to the hard ground below.

 Leath crashed to the floor losing his footing on the giants shoulder. as he fell he heard the "Rahhhhhhhh!!" of the monsters high shrill wail. It's one hand holding where it's horn once was. Leath quickly recovered from his fall feeling something he had never felt before.. "what the... Ah.. AHHHHH!!!" He was stood behind the undead horse beast , feeling his body losing control.

 He lost it only seeing a light shoot from his blade. The small sword latched into his tight grip had freed itself and was hovering in front of the child standing in disbelife... "What..?". There was a flash and the tiny blade bathed in light turning into some almost angel like spear. The rush Shockwave sending him flying back wards aganst the broken pillar. "Screeeccccchhhhh!!!" It's was only for a split second he only saw the struggling foe impaled into the Angel spear. He saw the dying thing struggling to pull the weapon out of it's teared, sliced and battered body. the battle was over as he bashed aganst the harsh remains on the pillar sending him out cold.

The End

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