part 3Mature

Leath was alone ,away from the madness and death, but still alone.. then from the nothingness echoed an Ere voice. "Descended of Lena". The voice was a soft, Serene, calm whisper of a women there was no one but leath could feel her presents. "who.. who are you..". said Leath in a shivering voice.. there was no answer until.. "Decedent of Lena answer my call." The voice had taken no notice of his question. "what.." the boy was confused more than he had ever been.

 Pautz had been killed, he was about to face a Dementioria and now he'd been whisked to another dimension of some sort. then again. "Decedent of Lena.. answer my call." then voice did not change like ,it had been recorded and repeated. Leath had no idea what was going on but he somehow felt safer in this place, the place of nothingness the empty dimension. Then the light began to die the never ending whiteness disintegrating like dust before his very eyes. Then he saw nothing . Until..

The End

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