part 2Mature

"Alright..." Leath stepped forward toward the towering beast. It was just as the sun was disappearing slowly into the rocky mountains the Serene shimmering light slowly laying down a thin beam from the destroyed ceiling above.

It was time. Fear very much real, the Demonic thing slapped its devilish Claw into the musty old rock of the walk way. The rocks blasted out from the ground sending crushing Debris toward the boy.

"Pautz!!" Leath dive out the way as the crumbling torpedo shot past him. then there was nothing.. only the sound of Puatz's high pitched scream of terror. Suddenly a deafening crushing sound as it rock shots blasted aganst the wall. Then... Bam!. Leath was hit by the giants masive claw ,he was sent shooting back into the cold unforgiving wall. he was injuered turning his head at the rubble left by the monstors powerful attack. he looked and...

 "NO!". Shouted Leath coming into realsation, knowing the grim thruth.Leath's face turned pale white and he looked on at the pile of rocks watching the thick red liquid seep through the rocks. He watched in shock as the the Crimson liquid ran down the crummbling rubble.

 Pautz was dead and that 'thing' had killed him. Leath was not overcome with deep sadness there was only Blood red anger corsing through his veins boiling his blood. This is what a Dementioria was capable of, he saw the evil in it's Beastly orbs of eyes, the Bloodthristy spheres watching him.

"You... you.. killed Pautz .... You bastard.. I'll .... i'll" his speech changed to a stutter as it slowly passed his thin lips. Then a war cry, a scream of sheer hatered that shattered the silence of the room. It was time.

Leath rushed at the Beast, blinded by anger. Nothing mattered but avenging the inoccent child that was killed by the horse headed beast man. As the Adventurer rushed forward at a sonic speed unaware that behind him his blade was shining brightly. The only thing he could hear was the thumping of his heart deep in the pit of his chest

"Beat all you want, make me know im alive". It was something Leath said often to himself when he was scared. His eyes where shut tight then he open them slashing his blade into the dementioria's undead slab of meat it called an arm.

 He saw only a beautiful wing apper from behind him. Then there was an Amazing Blast of light. Leath couldn't see anything after the wing and could only hear the thump, thump of his heart nothing else. The light had enveloped him. He was no longer in the blood spattered battle ground and was now in... Nowhere..

The End

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