Long since lost ~the Start~Mature

The halls were empty, the only sound was the crashing foot steps echoing through the once lively fort. The steps could be heard from far away and the rumbling of the old desecrated steps leading into the Central chamber. Leath had finally caught up to Pautz placing one stern had onto his fragile shoulder.

"Theres something here..." Said Leath his voice changed from a calm whisper to a sound authoritative tone. "Pautz get behind me now!" The boy did as he was told hiding behind Leath. Leath had already drawn his shimmering white blade from his side.Suddenly out from the shadows a fearful, looming, demonic beast crawled from the darkness.

The beast was Fearsome and demonic site. The creature had dark horns ,shooting from it's horse-like head, and strong muscular arms with sharp claws of death shooting from it's massive finger tips. The demons stomach was ripped open exposing it's rotting rib cage the arms torn and the legs and face teared showing the creatures skull and the leg bones near the hoofs of beast... Pautz was scared his small legs wobbling then he fell over onto his back, his eye tearful his speech stuttering shifting back on his hand to a wall at the back of the room.

" Leath im....im.. scared.... "

Leath steped forward his blade ready to for the battle ahead.

there was a silence until a rummbling roar battered through the room.

The End

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