Tales of Esperia.Mature

In the world of Esperia the Dementioria a race of demons that consume the very soul of the earth and make it die are now making there move only the last living Decendent of the Civilation of Lena. bring the light of the wings of eternity and finally bring rebirth over this already dying planet? or will the darkness of the Dementioria consume the corpes of the dead world. Only Leath the hero of the tale can bring the angels bless to this forsaken world

The castle wall has long since crummbled away after the great war 10 years ago, it seemed like it was only yesterday. A young angelic voice echoed through the empty dead halls of Yuso Fort.

"Leath are we going or what?". The young man was in a cloak his hood down his youthful features looking back at the young boy. Leath was a tall man his spiked Brown hair pricked up at the sides of his head and the top pressed gently down. He wore a strange sword that seemed to shimmer like an angels wing. He let out a slow gentle sigh and looked on to the child. He smiled back. The boy was young about 10 or 12 looking on his flat blond hair covering his eyes, yet some how he could still very much see. The boy walked next to Leath's side and looked up, he yelped and shouted loud

"He he alright Leath were Divinities and we need to get our mitts on that relic.. right?..." Leath looked on into the daunting corridor then looked at the boy.

"Right Pautz i think it's just down this hallway remember always be vigilant". It took a while for the small boy to respond but he spoke clear replying.

"Right, right" He said scratching the back of his head. Then he shot down the corridor without another word, Leath didn't shout to stop him but chased after him knowing something was up ahead...

The End

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