Colin: EmploymentMature

"Colin," my mum called.

I came down from my room, wondering what I was needed for. I had performed all my chores tonight so I had been sitting upon my bed, writing stories as I enjoyed to do in my free time. The stories were about a girl called Charlie (I'd always liked the name Charlie - I'd definitely preferred it to Colin, which really didn't seem to suit a female), and the adventures she had in the Hell Plain, a place that I didn't remember though it had been the place of my birth. The stories were my tool of escape from the monotony of everyday life.

I snapped out of my daydream about Charlie's escape from a demon whose intention has been to harm her and looked at the strange man in the living room.

Tall. Spiky hair like jet. Eyes a deep, deep blue whose depths seemed to go on forever... I felt myself fall to my knees almost reflexively as the final feature I absorbed was the crimson tattoo like a scar at the hollow of the neck which indicated he was a member of a powerful demonic family. My eyes met the floor and I whispered, "Oh, mighty demon lord, how may I serve thou?"

"Look at me," he ordered sharply.

I glanced up, astonished by the command. Aristocrats didn't often care to see the faces of the lower classes.

The demon gazed intently into my eyes, making me feel slightly light-headed. The attractive demons had to be the worst because they knew how a girl could fall for them and abused this power over them frequently.

I realised, with a jolt, that he was pushing at the barriers between my mind and his. I instantly dropped them down, even though it was the worst invasion of privacy, even though I hated to, and felt a calm but otherwise unfathomable presence sift through my thoughts until it played my memory of the very first time...

I had hypnotised someone.

He knew I was a Mesmeriser.

The demon withdrew from my mind, a wide smile on his face. He turned to my mother and asked, "May I employ your daughter?"

My mother's jaw dropped. She was on her knees too. She stared at the floor in bewilderment and murmured, "You are very kind, sir. Of course you may employ her."

"She shall receive 500 pecunia a week, and eat and may have lodgings in my residence if she wants."

I felt dizzy. I had heard tales of girls like me employed by demon lords. It was an honour. But it was only pleasant if your employer had a heart. Stories I had accidentally overheard in conversations had chilled me to the bone. Stories about the horrendous things demons did to the poor, helpless girls about the punishments that some gave for those who tried to run away...

"Mighty demon lord, you are truly generous," my mother whispered.

The demon approached me, his manner betraying nothing of his personality. His smile widened as he stopped just before me.

"You may get up now," he said jovially, holding out his hand. I took it and pulled myself to my feet, though my movements were slow and unsure.

 "We're going now?" I asked, surprised.

The demon nodded.

I hugged my mother tightly, murmuring, "Goodbye."

I followed the demon outside. And gasped at the car. It was a black Audi with tinted windows.

The demon opened the passenger door for me and I climbed in. As he climbed into the driver seat, he said, "Oh, by the way. My name's Matt. Matt DeMon."

The End

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