Tale's of AsrawkMature

What will happen when two world's collide? Can both survive? Or is it not to be?

My feet pound as they hit the slippery cobbled pavement. Water flies around me. Tears falling from the sky soaking my body in its cold, torturing embrace. I gasp from breath my chest heaving as I run.

No sound yet. They don't know. Thats good. I reach the gate my hands gripping the bars pulling me up. I flick back my wet raven black curls and look up to the thundering red night sky. I'm told that on earth the sky is blue. I will see that. I scramble higher my bare feet slipping causing me to collide against the gate often enough to know I will have bruises.

I reach the top and throw my body over landing the other side on my feet with a slight stumble. Then the horns blow. My head snaps back to look at the wakening house in fear. "She's still by the gate!" a guard yells. 

My eyes are wide with fear and I turn racing down the dark streets. I can see the many coloured haunting eyes of demons peering at me as I dodge past. Then the questioning and almost jealous looks of other slaves. I will make it. I hear the stomp of guards feet behind me. I look ahead seeing the glowing portal. I can see the guards as well but they wont matter. I'm not some feeble girl that cant put up a good fight.

"Stop her!" a guard from behind me shouts to the guards at the gate. They turn but to late. I'm already ducking, slipping through their fingertips. I close my eyes and run straight through the portal. My body collapses.


"Do you think she's okay?" I hear a voice asks.

"I don't know. She looks dead to me" a voice teases.

"Dead?" the first voice squeaks.

"Charles! That isn't right. You know how Freya gets" a new voice snaps. I can immediatly tell from the firmness and the authority that this is the leader, the master, the one in charge. My eyes flutter open and I'm staring at a youthful face but not one too young. About 20 I would guess but I can hardly be certain. "Hi"

Then my instincts kick in. I scramble away only to hit my head behind me on a tree. Wait, a tree? I look back at it over my shoulder in awe. "I think she's high"

"Shut it, Charles" the leader snaps again. He looks at me with solumn blue eyes. "Are you okay? You seem lost?"

"I... I am" I whisper looking around the life filled forest. "Completely" I feel a tear slip down my cheek.

"Hey, its okay. We'll get you home. I'm Samuel" says the leader before gesturing to a youngish boy and toddling girl behind him. "These two are my siblings, Charles and Freya"

"Hi!" Freya says cheerily. "You feel out of the air"

"Stop saying that twit" Charles says rolling his eyes.

"But its true" Freya declares stamping her foot.

"Just cause you're lucky to be a sorceress doesn't make you always right" Charles snaps back. Wait, magic... Panic shoots through me. The boy, Samuel, notices and tilts his head with a frown.

"You've heard that before haven't you" he says kneeling down to my level. "But you cower in fear, why?" I don't answer and soon realisation flows across Samuel's face. "You're from Asrawk. You're a slave girl"

I blush in ashame and lower my head. "Oh my god, seriously!" Charles gasps.

"Mummy doesn't agree with slavery she says" Freya joins in. I look up at her in astonishment.

"But all demons from sorcerrers to immortals have slaves" I whisper in confusion.

"Not here" I look back at Samuel whose frowning. "Things here on earth are different. Of course the laws still stand and we can have slaves but.... a few here dont agree with it and thats why we are here"

I stare for a moment then a sudden wave of nausea flows over me. "I'm gonna pass out" I whisper then do collapsing into Samuel's arms. I see a flash of his worried face. Someone worrying... for me?

The End

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