The New Girl

Anna Burchard

Age: 8 months

They've left me alone among strangers again. This is the sixth time this month. I wonder how long it will be until Nanny McLoad decides that this place is not suitable for me. I wonder if I will be able to make friends this, they're staring at me, hasn't anyone told them it's rude.

Turning to face all the other babies on the mat Anna giggled. I might as well put on a show. Shifting slightly Anna made sure that the light hit her curls at the right angle so to make them glisten. Slowly her eyes wondered from person to person meeting the eyes of each and bestowing smiles.

"Anna, Anna! Nanny McLoad's high pitched voice suddenly came into her mind. Sit up straight, smile, look everyone in the eyes but never linger.  Do not forget a Burchard women is always elegant. Your attention and friendship is something they should work for. Always remember your status and do not mix with the peasantry."

Suddenly Anna froze. Her roaming had come to stop on a girl whose skin and hair were as dark as night. Curious, for she had never seen anyone like this girl before Anna began to crawl towards her ignoring everyone else's stares. Stopping in front of her Anna reached into her pocket for her sue sue then quickly extended her arm towards the girl, who flinched.

The End

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