Name: Fitch Ulfur
Age: Seven and a half months

Oh joy, I thought, peering up at the large assortment of carers who seemed to be fussing over some new arrival. They got in the way too much for me to see her properly, but when they finally stepped aside I managed to get a proper look. And frankly, I've never seen anyone more fairy-ish in my life. I swear she looked like she would shatter if you so much as touched her... and the way she was preening made me want to be sick. Mam had always told me that children like her are not nice sorts. I wasn't so sure whether to believe her or not now, but I thought I'd stick to her advice.

However, what really caught my attention was the dark girl watching the new arrival. I'd seen her around certainly, but Mam said I wasn't supposed to go near her. I listened to Mam, but she was still interesting. I wasn't exactly snow-white, but this girl was so dark I swore she could have disappeared into the shadows if she wanted to. Some people said that was unnatural. I thought it was exciting. Nabulungi I think her name was, what a mouthful! None the less, I shifted myself around to get a better look, thinking over whether I wanted to get any closer. Surely it couldn't hurt just to say hello...

As it was, I ended up just watching her from a distance. Interesting though she was, I didn't want Mam to get angry at me. Plus, she seemed to intent on watching the new girl. For now I decided to stay out of the action and just watch. After all, Mam had never said anything about that....

The End

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