The Black Girl

Name: Nabulungi Saluktaa

Age: 8months


I yawned as my eyes filled with tears. I was being left out again. I don’t know why, but I think it was something to do with the colour of my skin; I was different with dark eyes and darker skin than the rest of the pink-skinned young’uns. I had a special career who had the same colouration as me, because it seemed that none of the other careers wanted to be ‘burdened’ with someone like me…

I looked over at one of the other girls, Maisie her name was. Her appearance was: pretty light hair the colour and style of off-white cotton and blue-grey eyes like the aftermath of a storm.

 She was making such a racket and, soon enough, one of the pale-skinned careers came over and took her to the sleeping room.

Today, they said, a new girl was arriving at Oakwood. Anna, they said her name was. That made her sound so posh, the way the adults all made a fuss of her and announced her like she was a mini queen.

The lady accompanying Anna suddenly stopped and gazed down at me, an image of disgust on her face.

“I had no notion that you were accepting Negroes into Oakwood?”

“Miss…” my career lead her away, guiding the bigger lady using her arm as only a guide, yet a firm one. Their words were drowned out by crying from another young person the same age as me, and some whispering from around me; the other children had now noticed the posh girl who had just been set down. Her shimmering hair was almost the colour of gold and her eyes were like real sapphires.

The girl started when she realised that we were observing her, and turned towards us, showing white pearly teeth as she giggled at the attention.

The End

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