CHAPTER ONE: Born to be a Hero (3)

     This may sound tragic to ignorant ears, with the whole extinction of a species of animal being brought about in this tale as triumphant and what not, but for those readers not acquainted with the habits of eaglebears, allow me introduce some clarity; Bornen destroyed a predator in the wild whose sole purpose from birth to death was to, by any means necessary, eradicate anything it couldn’t eat. Oh yes, it should also be said that these creatures had a favorite meal; they delighted in eating the young of other animals, but nothing proved to be more deliciously satisfying to them then the innocent children of mortal beings. Now you have a slight idea as to why Bornen was counted among the heroes.

     But the picture before us is quite outdated, let me assure you. Bornen may have once been broad shouldered and built like the sturdiest mountains in Ryndor, and his beard once like the carpet of a lush and sun-tinted valley, but dwarves age as all mortals do. Sure, it may take two or three hundred years, if not sooner during quests for personal glory, but eventually they are all subject to the expectant entity known as Death.

     At the ripe age of two hundred and twenty-eight, (his proper age in this story), it’s closer to the truth that his build resembled a molehill rather than a mountain. Truthfully, the only mountainous features he possessed as an elderly dwarf were his snowcapped head of hair, and the wintery white slopes that curled under his chin. He no longer donned his heavy suit of armor for the thrill battle; no longer polished his weapon for the sake war; no longer pinned to his helm the rock colored feathers for illusionary luck.

     Now focus upon the child at Bornen’s side. The young boy positioned next to him in the picture desperately struggling to hold up that weighty-looking mace is, as you have cleverly guessed, Grom’s father Dhumond. A lot changed for him over the years, however. Dhumond may have preserved his peanut colored mane and award-worthy flaxen beard throughout his life, but the lanky dwarf seen here would later transform to be a mass that rivaled most boulders. It may be difficult to imagine, but this thin stalk of mortal came to be known as Dhumond Gianthammer; the same Dhumond that slayed both the cyclopes known as Big Toe, and the ravenous giant Smattergorg, in the same fight.

The End

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