Month 3: Daniel and Madison

"So x is 68?"

"That's what I got."

I wrote it down in my book. My parents were having a dessert party and Daniel and I had snuck away to my bedroom to get some algebra homework done.

"I guess that means we're done." I said lamely. He nodded.

"You going to Melissa's party tomorrow?"


"See you there then," he called to me with a wave.


Katherine and I hopped out of my dad's car. After meeting 'the guy of her dreams' she had begged me to bring to the next party. We walked inside and while Katherine made her way to find Jack, I went looking for my best friend. She was over by the water cooler, welcoming some new guests. She saw me and waved.

"Emily, this is my best friend Madison," she introduced me. "Can you excuse me? I'm just gonna start getting people into the living room."

"Excuse me, could everyone please start making your way into the living room." her voice boomed over the din of the crowd. She explained the rules and we began to shuffle into the room.

I poked my head in to see who fell victim to Melissa's matchmaking habit this time.  Madison Halloway, it read. Thoughts swirled through my head as they tied my blindfold. I ignored them and made my way to the closet. It was only ten minutes. I sat there waiting. Finally there was a click as the door closed. I felt his hot breath on my neck and soon my mouth was  occupied with that of the mysterious stranger. I was shocked at how much I enjoyed it. I quickly shook these thoughts from my head and threw myself into the kiss. Our tongues intertwined in a fiery dance of passion, each fighting for dominance. Then I felt his hands reach for the blindfold, but he hesitated for a moment before dropping his hands back to his side. He carefully unglued his lips from mine and... left. I sat there for most of the rest of the party, the blindfold lying at my feet. I was hurt, and confused, and as pressed my hands to my face, I realized I was crying. I wiped away the tears. I would find him. I would find him.


"96." Daniel and I were doing math again.

"Hey, I didn't see you last night," I told him. I didn't say I had spent half the night in the closet.

"No, I made sure of that," he muttered under his breath.


"You didn't see me because... I didn't want you to. I was scared when I found out it was you and I panicked. Afterwards I realized.. why did I do that? Truth is,  I've had a crush on you since sixth."

And we both knew what was to happen next. I closed the gap and our lips connected for the second time.

It's amazing what can happen in two days. Two days ago, I never would have imagined myself with Daniel. Yet here we were, and I don't think anything beat my ecstacy that day.

The End

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