Month 2: Jack and Katherine

Month 2: Jack and Katherine

I stared at the computer as the letters flashed mockingly at me. You have no new mail, it read. I sighed. Daniel and I were great friends before I admitted my feelings for him. Why was I always so unlucky when it came to matters of the heart? Maybe I would have fun at tonight's party. My cousin saw me down in the dumps and invited me to her best friend's party. I grabbed my coat and ran to my uncle's car to catch a ride with her.

"Hey Madison," I called as I slipped inside the car.

"Hey," she said shyly. Because that's the way my cousin is. She's always shy. I doubt she's had a single boyfriend. We pulled up in front of the house. From the outside you couldn't even tell that there was a party going on inside. Not like any party I'd ever been to, where you could hear the music blaring from halfway down the street. Well, Madison did say Melissa's parents were strict.

I walked into the house just as everyone was piling into the living room. What was happening? An organized game? My excitement was fading by the second. I listened as she explained the rules. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all. The girls huddled in a circle, giggling. I peered in.  Katherine Sloot, it read. I marched to the closet, not really over Daniel but ready to have some fun.

***Melissa's POV***

I watched Jack's face as he read his name. Anger, then a quick shrug. He was always so hard to read. I was just glad he would finally be off my back. He had asked me out a week ago, and he couldn't take a no. Now he could be with someone who liked him back. I sat down, pleased with myself. I glanced at my watch. 12 minutes. Oops! I slid the doors open and whispered to them. Embarassed, they emerged holding hands. Yes! Another victory!

***Katherine's POV***

The party ended a few hours later. I hopped into Uncle Jim's car again.

"So did you have fu-u-un?" she stretched the word out into three syllables.

"Ya, I had a great time." I looked out the window to see Daniel waving to Madison. Surprisingly, I wasn't mad or jealous. I realized that I had gotten over him tonight.

"Have you ever considered going out with Daniel?" I asked. She just laughed.


Ooh, foreshadowing!

The End

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