Rodin, cont.Mature

“I am Fel Kaius, known to the world as the Breaker!” bellowed the man. The whole tavern seemed to shake at his voice. “If any more of you are feeling bloodlust tonight, then come try your hand with me. I will show you how a killer kills!” No-one in the tavern stepped forward. The few that dared, and surely enough they were there, merely smiled and stayed their hand. Each of them may have proved a match for Fel the Breaker, but they knew that it was not the time or place for such a fight.

Rodin heard a clanking thud as a pouch fell in front of him. He struggled to lift his head, and saw Fel the Breaker standing there, looking down at him. “Forty gold pieces,” said Fel. “Thirty for the bag, one for your patience, and nine for your injuries.”

Rodin finally lost the rest of his strength and allowed his head to fall back to the ground. As his consciousness faded, he thought he heard another voice, not the voice of Fel, nor of anyone in the tavern, but of a kind, motherly woman.

“The Timid, we will call him,” said the voice. “I've heard that nickname around. It suits him.”

And this, my friends, ends the tale of Rodin the Timid and the purchase in Tamara. Should you wish to hear more of Rodin, you must wait for his next tale.

The End

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