Rodin, cont.Mature

Now at this point there came the pair of swordsmen again, still drunk as ever. These two swordsmen were well-known in the region – one was called Tirion the Hawk and the other Bolgus the Wind Cutter. The two were known for their commendable skill with the blade, as well as their ruthless behavior. Both were expert swordsmen who had slain many beasts and monsters and collected many trophies. Now they came up to Rodin, lying prone on the ground, and joined the woman in the assault, laughing viciously as they kicked the merchant in the ribs and the groin.

Just as Rodin was about to faint from the pain, there was a sickening crack, a horrible shriek, and then all was quiet. The kicks ceased, and Rodin looked up in confusion. There stood the customer from before, holding both Hawk and Wind Cutter by the head in his two hands. They were utterly still, as if hanging from the gallows, and their heads were bloodied and mangled. The customer silently brought his arms apart, and with a swift motion, smashed the heads together with such force that the blood and brains splattered everywhere, bits of skull flying all about. The circle of adventurers was totally silent, most of them fearing for their lives, and so they backed away slowly.

The woman, who was the source of the shriek, tried to back away as well, but the customer grabbed her by the neck and hoisted her up. She tried to scream but he had too strong of a vicegrip on her throat, so that all that came out were rasps. Taking her legs in his other hand, he lifted her up as she struggled and flailed about. The audience watched, horrified, as the giant man brought the woman down on his knee violently, snapping her back audibly and distorting her body. He threw away the limp lifeless body like a rag doll and stood for all to see.

The End

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