Rodin, cont.Mature

Rodin gave a weak smile and dismissed the prank in his head as nothing more than that – a simple prank by some adventurers who had had too much to drink. He tried to turn back around fully but his body would not comply. Suddenly, he tumbled from his seat and as fortune would have it, directly towards the woman in the dress. As he fell out of the range of the frost spell, he regained control of his body, and he flailed his limbs as he struggled to regain his balance. He grabbed the closest gripping nearest him, which was the woman's dress!

As he landed with a thud on the floor of the tavern, still gripping the dress, the woman shrieked as her dress was torn right off of her, exposing her naked breast for all to see. She immediately covered her torso with her arms in humiliation and flushed with equal parts embarrassment and rage. As her magician friend attempted to help her cover up with his robes, she stomped on Rodin in a fury, driving her feet hard into Rodin's back.

“Foul, evil, devilish goblin! Touch me again and I'll kill you right here!” screamed the woman furiously. Rodin, wracked with the pain of each stomp, was unable to move out of the way and could only whimper and moan in agony.

The commotion drew the attention of the rest of the tavern, many of whom began to circle around the spectacle and cheer raucously. “Death to the goblin-man! Kick him good! Make him bleed!” they shouted. Rodin could feel his consciousness begin to fade as each stomp crushed his body into the ground. A vicious blow came to his head, and he felt his nose break against the floor, the warmth of blood rushing to his face. He saw nothing but black, heard nothing but the screams and malevolent cheers around him, felt only his pain and the wet blood seeping out of his broken face, the metallic taste of blood flooding his mouth

The End

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