Rodin, cont.Mature

He scanned the room quickly but did not see his customer, the giant. Still anxious, he sat down in an empty chair at a table of companions who paid him no attention. A few minutes passed before he was approached by a pair of obviously drunk swordsmen, the two of them both guffawing uproariously and pointing at Rodin.

“Lookidat!” they screamed gleefully. “Ish a gobby da tink ish 'ooman!” They leaned so close that Rodin could smell the drink on their breath, the stench almost knocking him unconscious. “Oy gobby gobby!” they yelled and rapped his head. “Show ush yer treasure gobby!”

Slapping the air and stomping the ground, they stumbled off as poor Rodin tried to recover from the offense. He had barely gotten his breath back before he was approached again, this time by a woman in an alluring and revealing dress.

“Hey there little goblin-man,” said the woman, her voice smooth as silk. “Fancy a spot of fun? We could share a drink. Or if you'd like, we could share something...more.”

“Well, um...uh...” Rodin began to stammer, hardly knowing what to say. As he sat there entranced by the woman in front of him, he suddenly felt his whole body go cold and numb. He turned as quickly as his body would allow, and there stood what appeared to be a rogue magician holding a blue glowing orb, snickering with delight. The woman began to titter as well, obviously enjoying Rodin's flustered countenance.

The End

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