Rodin, cont.Mature

“C-certainly,” Rodin stammered. And if you wonder why he should be so nervous, then you do not yet see how fearsome this giant was!

“P-p-please look around and choose what you like.”

The man stood there, barely moving, but Rodin could tell that he was scanning the bags. Finally, after what seemed to Rodin an eternity, the man picked up the largest, toughest leather sack that Rodin carried, so large that it could fit the carcass of a stag. Rodin knew that it was no ordinary sack either. The sack was made from the skin of the strongest bear known to roam the Blackwing Forest. It took fifteen men to bring down this bear, and

“How much for this?” he demanded.

“T-t-thirty pieces.”


“G-gold.” Rodin gasped almost audibly. It was the price, to be sure, but was it even safe to demand such a high price from such a daunting customer? He continued in a rush.

“Of course if you were willing to settle for only half the price then I don't see why I couldn't accommodate after all I'm sure you're quite busy and--”

“Settle for half!” roared the beast, as he pounded his stone-like fist on the cart with such tremendous force that it shook and threatened to splinter. “What manner of thief or weasel do you think I am? If thirty pieces of gold is the price, then so be it!” With that, he fished into the pouch at his waist and pulled out a quantity of gold and silver, slamming it on the cart in front of Rodin. Poor Rodin was so frightened that it was a few seconds before he even noticed the coins.

The End

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