Of Rodin the Timid and the Purchase in TamaraMature

A collection of myth-like stories chronicling various heroes of the "Arna Domain," written in a half-verbal, half-oral storytelling style.

Legend tells of a time long before you and I walked this land, before our fathers, and our fathers' fathers, and even a thousand generations further still. They were simpler times, when heroes roamed the world in search of adventure, and the tales of their legendary deeds were told around the tables of the common family, such was the fame of these heroes. These are the tales that we recall even today, those of the Heroes of the Arna Domain.

Around the northwest region of the Arna Domain, just east of the Blackwing Forests, lay the small city of Tamara. Adventurers were known to stop in the city for a quick rest and resupply before braving the dangers of the Blackwing Forests, so numerous were the dangers therein. The markets bustled with daily activity, as shopkeepers and peddlers advertised their wares, some serviceable, most not, to the passing adventurer, in hopes that they could later boast that a hero had slain some monster with their wares.

As it so happened, one of these very peddlers was the hero around which our tale revolves, even if he was not a hero yet. Rodin Brookbur, or Rodin the Timid as he was called jokingly by his friends, was a small man, and certainly no looker. He had a sharp hooked nose reminiscent of a rat, and his dirty brown hair lay on top of his knobby head like a matted mess. Sometimes, when walking about, he would be accused of being a half-goblin, even though everybody knew that such a thing could not exist.

The End

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