Can't I Ever Get A Break!?

The bright sunlight hurt as I stepped onto my porch.  I hoisted my bag up onto my shoulder and started down the street.  

I bet I must have looked a bit odd.  It was sweltering hot outside already and I was wearing a long sleeved shirt.  I already looked strange with my different colored eyes, though.  One blue, one green.  "Yeah, thanks, Dad."  I muttered.  I reached the bus stop and sat down on the warm concrete, pulling out my notebook as I did so.  

I stared at the tattered cover for a moment.  I stared at the fading white-out bird, all the song lyrics, and quotes I'd written in Sharpie.  I frowned at one in particular.

"Nothing is worth hurting yourself over!  And nothing is worth taking your life over!!!- Gerard Way <3"  

I quickly crossed that out with my ink pen, feeling my cheeks flush with humiliation and shame.  I was the girl who had lost her best friend to cutting, and now look.  I was going to end up just like him.

I felt a gentle kick to my leg and looked up to see Jason, my biology partner and the most sadistic human being I'd ever met.  I swear, I'd never seen him happier than the day when we dicsected frogs.

"Did you get the report done?" he asked.

I looked down the street.  No bus.  "No."

"What the heck!?  I told you to get it done! It's due today!"

"Yeah, I know.  I'm not your freaking slave okay?  Write your own report."  I said, looking back down at my notebook.  I opened my notebook to a blank page and began to write down exactly what I thought of Jason and his report.

He bent down so he was at my level.  He looked at me for a long moment before dumping all of my stuff out onto the ground and ripping the hair clip out of my long hair.  

"Agghh! What the hack, man!" I yelled.  

"That's for not writing the report." He slapped me hard across the face.  "And that's for talking like that to me.  No one talks like that to me, got it?"  I looked at him with murder in my strange eyes.  He pulled his arm back to slap me again, but my ugly yellow savior pulled to a stop next to us.  I quickly packed my things up and hopped on, throwing a smirk over my shoulder at Jason as I  did so.

The End

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