Tales From Another Broken Home

This is a story about a very real problem that I struggle with myself. Depression. Please read this, and if you know if anyone who deals with this, ask them if they're okay. And when they say, "Oh, I'm fine," look them in the eyes and say, "Tell the truth."

     I hugged my knees to my chest as the tears poured freely down my cheeks.  I gasped with every breath, surprised I coud still be living, even though the worst thing imaginable had already happened.  I closed my eyes, wishing the pain would go away. 

     A lot of people had told me that cutting was the solution.  But I really didn't want to hurt myself.  What would be the point in that?  Just more pain. 

     I slowly unwound my arms from around my knees, tears still running down my face, and stood.  I saw something glinting in the flourescent light of the small bathroom that was hooked onto my bedroom.  I walked cautiosly towards it.

    Whe I reached the sink i curiously picked up the small, sharp piece of metal and held it to the light. I wached it glisten beautifully, then suddenly, I decided.   I pulled up the sleeve of my jacket and presed the blade into my skin.  I sank to my knees, a grin  spreading over my face.

    I loved it.

The End

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