tales -

i like telling tales - but i prefer living - and i like most of all getting along with those I love - life is no fairytale - but people are not books and even if they were - you gotta do more than stare at the cover of a book to know what is inside anyway - especially if you haven't seen them in awhile. Even if you know the ending - isn't it true that people like to re-read their favorites?

funny this came up - you know

'round the table their was talk

on tales - yesterday about five o'clock

someone said [i think it was my father]

pity mermaids, princes, peas

fairies - left behind children leaving lessons

just as dreaming gets to be

do or die for character

or love

or something or other maybe

who knows -i left thumbelina in the mole hole

and the sparrow hit a wind shield like any of them

but this too is just a tale

who's to tell?

read the book

The End

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