Rosemary: Crazy Free Runner

And the end of the day I noticed the free running guy walking along with his bag slung over his shoulder. He looked casual, scruffy but casual. I jogged up to him and tapped his shoulder. He took his earphone's out.


"Do you know that you could possibly kill yourself by all this free running?" I asked and he chuckled. 

"Yes, I know."

"And...yet you still do it because?" He opened the door and gestured for me to go first, walking behind me. 

"Because I enjoy it. And I am pretty good at it don't you think?" he winked. 

"Oh you're amazing." I rolled my eyes and carried on walking, "Well I think you're crazy." then shook my head. 

"In life, you've got to take risks." he shrugged. "What way are you walking?" I pointed to my right, "Cool me too." The walk was quiet after that, awkward. 

"So what's your name?" I asked as he put a hand through his hair.

"I'm Kaoul." 

"That's a weird name." I announced. 

"Well what's yours?" 

"...Rosemary." He laughed. 

"Well, it's been a pleasure to meet you, Rosemary. But I must be off. Things to do, people to see. I'll see you around. " He gently took my hand, kissed it, and ran off and up a wall onto the top of a big building running across it until I couldn't see him. 

"YOU'RE STILL CRAZY!" I yelled. 

"I know!" 

The End

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