Melody: Extreme-Anything Guy

"Hey Koul!" I yell, jumping over the chairs in the stadium as I run. "Koul!"

"Give it in Mel, he's not gonna hear you" Harmony calls from the entrance.

"Well he's gonna have to if he wants to get his join the contest before the deadline!" I call back. "Koul!" and then I see that he has his headphone's in. Helpful. What's he listening to anyway? Probably some heavy metal or something like that (by the way, that probably isn't what he's listening to, that's just my opinion because heavy metal is loud and I can normally hear people when I listen to my iPod and I don't listen to heavy metal. I mean, I hardly know the guy). 

"Well Melody, you're going to have to be louder if you want him to hear you" Ivy says.

"Yeah, probably. KOUL!" I stop as he lands from a sorta... extreme-high-jump thingy. I wouldn't know. "KOUL!!!!!!!!!"

"What?" he asks and takes out his headphones. 

"Are you signing up for the talent contest or what? The deadline's tomorrow morning" yeah, I know, we're hardly given any time. 

"Oh, really? I was under some bizarre impression that we had longer than that" he's breathing heavily. Not that I'm surprised. He does basically anything with an added 'extreme' at the front.

"Seriously. I'll give you a hint. It's now fifth period. You have an hour because they don't let you in after school and no-one, and I mean no-one is gonna audition at seven in the morning"

"Come on Melody! We're late as it is!" Ivy shouts at me. We're meant to be this choir group thing, and she plays the piano for us. I look up to see that Rose and Harmony have rushed off, not wanting to face Mrs Grodeldy and have to tell her why they're so late (Mrs Grodeldy is their History of Music teacher. Not the best welcome for Rosemary to have).

"I'm coming!" I yelled back at her. "I've got to go. Sign up" I told Koul. Then I followed Ivy out the door.

The End

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